3 purple lies

out for the count

26 days since I started working and I've already caught my first bug of the year.  Awesome.
Freezing one minute, boiling the next paired with aching bones is not my ideal way of spending the night or day. To make matters worse, my throat is starting to get scratchy and Willis and Dan are showing the same symptons.
I don't have time to be sick.
Being sick means I have to plan for a sub which isn't the easiest task.
Being sick means all my to-dos for this week are pushed back which makes me antsy.
Being sick means I can't be 100% present with my kids which takes the fun out of my day.

That's all for now. I'm going to lay back down and try to sleep this stooopid fl-oserbug off.
Silver lining from today was laying on the couch, cuddled with Willis and watching all 10 innings of the Jay's game.  I love talking ball with him!


  1. Crappy, Deena. I hope you start feeling better. I am so glad you and Willis have ball to share!

  2. my microbiologist high-tech advice: hot chicken noodle soup. i will bore you with the science of it later. for now, just indulge (and call me if you don't mind me bringing you some, I have homemade stuff in the freezer!)


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