3 purple lies

on love

Willis and I were on our way to work this week and were having a good conversation.
I asked him, "Why are you such a good boy?"
Normally he fires off random answers but for this one he took some time and he thought.
And then he thought some more.
Finally he said, "Because of love."
He then proceeded to list EVERYONE who loves him.

Isn't it odd how children can often speak so simply yet profoundly, revealing so much of life's little truths?
To be loved is to receive one of the greatest gifts we could be given.
To be loved in your most dark moment, when you likely deserve it the least, then that is an even greater gift.

Willis' comment pushed me to reflect on my ability to love.
It's no lie that children push us. But it's also equally true that they are the easiest little creatures to fully embrace.
Regardless what's happening in the day.
A tender moment with a child can put a smile on anyone's face.
Why do you think we keep going back to P.A to visit my dad?  He has said countless times that his grandchildren are his therapy during his cancer treatments.  Their love is what gets him through the day.

I guess that's the astounding thing about love: it keeps giving. It's a cycle.  The more you get the more you want to give and vice versa.
This reminds me of a quotation I came across last week.

The greatest gift a husband can give his children is to love their mother."

All I can say is Amen to that and thank you Grandpa Diehl, Grandpa Park, Dad and Dan for making this so true in my life a million times over.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend.  We're off to celebrate my Grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary.
Now how often does that happen?


  1. Great post! I wish I got to ask my son that question. My question is usually 'Why are always such a bad boy?' hahaha

  2. This one speaks to me Really well written.


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