3 purple lies

Looking back

September has always been one of my favourite months. Great fun has been had in the past during this beautiful month. Don't believe me, see the years of the past for yourself:

2010 in Regina with Willis and Lucia

2009 enjoying the fall decor
2009 doing portraits of Aiden

2008 at Kyla and Robbie's

2008- Kyla doing family pictures for us

2007 Brand new Willis and visit from the BFF

2007: new baby, BFF, Starbucks and a picturesque riverbank stroll

2006: in the old house with the roomie and brostar.  not too sure what they were up to. Likely not good.
2006: Celebrating Kara and Yves' wedding

2005: Celebrating Mom and Dad's 30th, in the clothing they wore 30 years ago. No lies. My Grandmas are actually wearing the dresses they wore to the wedding. And I believe Laura is sporting the bridesmaid old curtain ensemble.

2005: At anniversary party

2005: Old duds sporting old duds. Bahahhaah.

2004: Epic Casino Party chez nous.

2004:  Showing the love at the Casino Party

2004: The man.
And that's how far  my digital prints go back. I have done nothing on my scanning project so I won't even take a gander back before 2003.