3 purple lies

It's Working out.

2 months into my "reallypayingattentiontomyhealth" plan and I'm finally seeing results.
Between running, rollerblading, walking and strength training, and eating better, something is working.  And I like it.
I like it so much that I celebrated my first big milestone of 10 lbs lost with a new pair of black boots.
These boots are made for walking.....

Hopefully the next ten will be as easy to drop.
I think the hardest part was adjusting to a new schedule with work and I'm still learning what works best for me.  Oh, and that 100 pushup challenge. I got stuck on week 4 of 6. It's just too hard for me. So instead I've adapted it and do 5 reps of 15-20 every other day.  So far so good.
Now to get dreaming about my purchase for my 20 lbs lost.....


  1. ya, that workout plan is kicking my butt. i am doing the pushups, situps, squats and tricep dips... sigh.
    congrats on the 10lbs! hope i can get there sometime soon!

  2. Congrats to you on losing 10 lbs! I LOVE the boots!


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