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Lea and Brenen wedding preview

I think Father David said it best during his homily for Lea and Brenen's weekend wedding: through Lea and Bren's wedding today, everyone present is reflecting and renewing their own commitment to love. 
And weddings can make you do just that.  I know I couldn't help but think about my own situation and what I can do differently to make our marriage stronger.
And if I left with that feeling, I'm pretty sure that there are many more out there who are putting a little extra love into their marriage today thanks to Lea and Brenen.

It was a beautiful day to get married.  Last night Kyla and I just scratched the surface of all the fab photos and have plenty more to go through this week.  In the meantime here are some of my favourites that really evoke the beauty and love that were present on Saturday.
Happy Wedding !!!

Doesn't Lea make a stunning bride?


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