3 purple lies


I think at least 5 times yesterday I got extremely excited because I thought it was Friday. But no.  There's still one more day to get through before that weight can be lifted from these shoulders.
It wasn't a good week for me.  I didn't exercise.  I needed more sleep.  I got behind on school prepping, corrections and daily tasks.  I didn't get as much done as I would have liked in photo and video editing from last weekend's engagements.  My house is a disaster.  Willis got sick and I was single parenting.
Not a good week.
In fact, it felt like I was working 8 full time jobs and massively failing at them all, all at the same time.
So needless to say, when hubby came home last night, I was a tad on the grumpy/feeling sorry for myself side.  Luckily the sister suggested an evening walk, which was probably just what I needed to air out my brain and put my head back on straight.
It was exactly what I needed.  And more.
The sunset last night was stunning.  Like stop and stare for awhile beautiful.  There were even multiple people out on their decks taking photos beautiful.

It was spiritual.
And all it took was a couple moments of staring at that for me to reassess my situation and get out of my pity party.
And guess what?
Enjoy your weekend!