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Endless Summers

If only this September wouldn't end.
I could easily spend every day rushing home after school to get the kids,  change into our swimsuits and spend the last hot summer afternoons playing in the pool and the yard.  It's a great set up.  Willis LOVES the water. In fact, he's gone from a wearing only a life jacket at the beginning of summer to complete underwater swimming.  Incredible to watch!  And Lucia likes the water, but not as much as her brother.  She prefers to play in the sandbox (eating dirt) and to help me with my work in the garden (eating tomatoes).
It has been a great summer and as I get the hang of this teaching thing, I'm sure my days will get better, balance wise.  My evenings have been really nice this week and I'm fully taking advantage of the beautiful weather to forget how tired I am and to instead get out and enjoy the sun.  Right now my favourite activity is rollerblading.
I forgot how fun it is and how great my legs feel after!
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I can't wait till Willis learns to do a VORTEX!!!

    Miss you!


  2. Great pictures. Good idea with the roller blading. Maybe I will dig mine out. I haven't used them in a few years!


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