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Dear Willis, you rock my world

It's only fair that I dedicate today to my little man having given Lucia yesterday.  Willis is an easy one to write about because he's a great kid.  Sure he has his moments when I kinda just stare at him with a blank look and think WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! But for the most part he is a gem.

At 4 years old :
He is great with his little sister, hurting her only once in awhile and showing genuine remorse when he does hurt her.
He can read 3-5 lettered words when in the right mood.
He has a curious mind, often asking the strangest questions, like: Mommy, why didn't I wear clothes when I was in your belly? or Mommy, was it yucky in there? (when referring to him living in my belly)
Adores swimming and playing UNO. Not to be done at the same time.
He's very outgoing when you're not paying attention to him. But if you approach him he magnets himself to my leg and is all of a sudden shy.
He knows more about the Toronto Blue Jays than an average guy.
He has the thickest quads and strongest calves I've ever seen on a boy. Excluding Olympic sprinters. Obviously.
He knows basic math and has an outstanding memory.
He sometimes comes to our bed at 3 am, claiming to have bad dreams. He always cuddles in with me after that. Note that he only comes to my side of the bed. Smart little man.
Clearly he listens to us when we speak as he repeats our sayings quite often and sometimes at inopportune times. OH. MY. GOD.  Hey, that's funky!
He knows how to operate the computer and randomly Skypes people.
He's the absolute best part of my day from the minute he wakes up all smiles to the moment I race to pick him up from Diane's after work.


  1. he's also very creative. yesterday, when we bought two fish for our aquarium he named them "hitchybiky" and "hitchybaky". go figure. :)


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