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on love

Willis and I were on our way to work this week and were having a good conversation.
I asked him, "Why are you such a good boy?"
Normally he fires off random answers but for this one he took some time and he thought.
And then he thought some more.
Finally he said, "Because of love."
He then proceeded to list EVERYONE who loves him.

Isn't it odd how children can often speak so simply yet profoundly, revealing so much of life's little truths?
To be loved is to receive one of the greatest gifts we could be given.
To be loved in your most dark moment, when you likely deserve it the least, then that is an even greater gift.

Willis' comment pushed me to reflect on my ability to love.
It's no lie that children push us. But it's also equally true that they are the easiest little creatures to fully embrace.
Regardless what's happening in the day.
A tender moment with a child can put a smile on anyone's face.
Why do you think we keep going back to…

Technicolour dreamcoats, mustangs and slush.

I spent a lot of my time yesterday thinking about an old friend/boyfriend who passed away 3 years ago yesterday.  Milestone days are always the hardest for some reason and they become etched in your brain.  That date.  That hour.  That highway.
André's sisters and parents have been constantly in my thoughts and my prayers. 
And although he and I had gone on our different paths in life, it doesn't make him any less important to me and to the way I remember him.  He was a huge part of my high school life and the first couple years of university.
We sang together.
We drank snowdrifts together.
We daydreamed and even fell in and out of love together.

He was a great guy and I have nothing but wonderful memories of him that I'll always keep in my heart.

I smile when I think of him.
I get tears in my eyes when I remember how much he once meant to me.
I can't believe that I have two of my closest allies from high school as guardian angels.

Sure hope they're not sharing …

Le snowdrift

It doesn't get much better than this. Coke slush mixed with cookies n' cream ice cream.
Need I say more?

Me teaches.

A grammar pro, I am not.  My eyes are more inclined to spot a spelling error than an error in syntax. So whenever I have a chance to spice up a grammar lesson, you bet I'm going to find any way possible to make it interesting and memorable for my students.
And sometimes myself.
Which means you can bet that this lovely image, courtesy of the ever funny will be making an appearance in a classroom near you me very soon.

As soon as  I figure out a super hero costume for Captain Comma, that is.

The weekend that fall happened

It doesn't ever feel like fall until a handful of things happen and they all magically happened this weekend:
Fall decor takes over my house.
Season premieres to share with my hubby on our weekly date nights again. This year we've added the show Community to our mix and have been LOVING it!
A trip to P.A to enjoy the weather and the scenery. The trees are always so spectacular on the drive down.
Pumpkin spice latte in my hand. Yum.
Must watch a couple fall movies: You've got mail & Home for the holidays.

We had a great weekend in P.A catching up with our parents and the kids always have a fantastic time playing with their grandparents and great grams.
Now I just need to kick this cold's butt and I'm in line for a great week.
Happy Monday!


I think at least 5 times yesterday I got extremely excited because I thought it was Friday. But no.  There's still one more day to get through before that weight can be lifted from these shoulders.
It wasn't a good week for me.  I didn't exercise.  I needed more sleep.  I got behind on school prepping, corrections and daily tasks.  I didn't get as much done as I would have liked in photo and video editing from last weekend's engagements.  My house is a disaster.  Willis got sick and I was single parenting.
Not a good week.
In fact, it felt like I was working 8 full time jobs and massively failing at them all, all at the same time.
So needless to say, when hubby came home last night, I was a tad on the grumpy/feeling sorry for myself side.  Luckily the sister suggested an evening walk, which was probably just what I needed to air out my brain and put my head back on straight.
It was exactly what I needed.  And more.
The sunset last night was stunning.  Like stop an…

One of those nights.

It was one of those nights that I actually had a plan and a list and the ambition to get things done.
But alas, fate was thinking otherwise.
Well it was fate or karma.
Who knows.
Lucia was a tyrant, demanding num-nums (food), to play in the dirt and to be carried around with her na-na (blanket)
Willis was writhing in pain with stomach cramps and a fever on the couch. (by 9:00 he was starting to feel chipper again. Awesome. Energy at bedtime)
And my list was forgotten. So was my supper and really anything I had intended to do.
Including a super good post on marriage.
Ah well, I guess it'll have to wait until next week.
At least my pajamas are comfy.
I sure am looking forward to the weekend already.

Looking back

September has always been one of my favourite months. Great fun has been had in the past during this beautiful month. Don't believe me, see the years of the past for yourself:


out for the count

26 days since I started working and I've already caught my first bug of the year.  Awesome.
Freezing one minute, boiling the next paired with aching bones is not my ideal way of spending the night or day. To make matters worse, my throat is starting to get scratchy and Willis and Dan are showing the same symptons.
I don't have time to be sick.
Being sick means I have to plan for a sub which isn't the easiest task.
Being sick means all my to-dos for this week are pushed back which makes me antsy.
Being sick means I can't be 100% present with my kids which takes the fun out of my day.

That's all for now. I'm going to lay back down and try to sleep this stooopid fl-oserbug off.
Silver lining from today was laying on the couch, cuddled with Willis and watching all 10 innings of the Jay's game.  I love talking ball with him!

Oh, Willis

Willis cracked me up all weekend; he keeps saying the most random, funny things.
My favourite was after our rollerblading lesson yesterday.  He decided he wanted to give it a try and that he did.  After making it to the mailbox he looked at us and very frankly told us he was done.  Dan proceeded to take his blades off right there so that they could go for a jog instead (his shoes fit into the blades. Handy).  As soon as he was free from padding and blades, he took off sprinting down the street, yelling: "I'm human!!!"
Gotta love that little boy.

A week that went by quickly?

What's up with that? Obviously despite the craziness of my week, I am getting the hang of things. Finally.
A new balance is developing, one which has me exercising at various times of the day and still managing to enjoy it.
The house is now scoured and cleaned on Thursday or Fridays, depending when I have motivation. Meals are planned and shopped for on the weekends and in all that I still am managing to get some me time and some hubby time. Not to mention lots of love happening from the kids.
I can do this after all.
Have a beautiful weekend!


It's 2002. World Youth Day in Toronto.
A chance to take a journey in my faith with my brother and sister.
Some of my most powerful memories come from that experience and they are moments that I will never forget.  Walking 10 kms in a pilgrimage to break bread with the Pope, John Paul II.  Singing hymns of faith in different languages.  Walking down the streets of Toronto with pilgrims from across the world, all sharing in the same love for Jesus.

There was so much strength, so much power, so much prayer surrounding us.  It's truly an event that one can't explain unless you've experienced it.
Yesterday I experienced something similar.
I have the privilege at working at a very good school.  A school that is equally strong in it's academic, athletic and spiritual programming.
Yesterday we did our own prilgrimage as a school to Holy Spirit Parish.  A 20 minute walk for close to 1500 students.  It was a truly beautiful thing to be able to share a mass with the entir…

Farmer in the dell

Holy harvest, batman.
I'm not even a farmer and I can appreciate a good yield this year!  It has been so rewarding to be able to just go to the garden to pick any veggie that I want for supper.
Willis was always super excited to dig up potatoes and Lucia was quite thrilled about our tomatoes. 
I'll definitely be continuing to plant a garden in the years to come, if only we could always have such beautiful weather!


It was a good weekend for us.  Plenty of down time, plenty of productive time and plenty of time with friends and family.  Although I still haven't been able to shake this feeling of exhaustion, I'm no longer having any anxious feelings about work which makes Mondays much easier.  This weekend I did not touch my school work.  Instead I focused on everything else that needed doing like:
Going for our last swim of the summer and packing up the pool. Sob.Visiting with my friends at Candace's baby shower.Mall walking/black boot hunting with Lucia.Playing UNO with Willis (his current obsession)Cleaning my house.Playing outside with the kids.Finishing Lea and Brenen's wedding photos.Chatting with the BFF.Skyping and visiting with familyMaking yummy recipes.  This weekend was cookie bowls for our jello and frozen yogurt.  I saw the idea on Pinterest (of course) and when Dan was making cookies with Will I asked him to try it.  Well, that failed. Apparently you need a specific …

Endless Summers

If only this September wouldn't end.
I could easily spend every day rushing home after school to get the kids,  change into our swimsuits and spend the last hot summer afternoons playing in the pool and the yard.  It's a great set up.  Willis LOVES the water. In fact, he's gone from a wearing only a life jacket at the beginning of summer to complete underwater swimming.  Incredible to watch!  And Lucia likes the water, but not as much as her brother.  She prefers to play in the sandbox (eating dirt) and to help me with my work in the garden (eating tomatoes).
It has been a great summer and as I get the hang of this teaching thing, I'm sure my days will get better, balance wise.  My evenings have been really nice this week and I'm fully taking advantage of the beautiful weather to forget how tired I am and to instead get out and enjoy the sun.  Right now my favourite activity is rollerblading.
I forgot how fun it is and how great my legs feel after!
Have a beautifu…

Dear Willis, you rock my world

It's only fair that I dedicate today to my little man having given Lucia yesterday.  Willis is an easy one to write about because he's a great kid.  Sure he has his moments when I kinda just stare at him with a blank look and think WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! But for the most part he is a gem.

At 4 years old :
He is great with his little sister, hurting her only once in awhile and showing genuine remorse when he does hurt her.
He can read 3-5 lettered words when in the right mood.
He has a curious mind, often asking the strangest questions, like: Mommy, why didn't I wear clothes when I was in your belly? or Mommy, was it yucky in there? (when referring to him living in my belly)
Adores swimming and playing UNO. Not to be done at the same time.
He's very outgoing when you're not paying attention to him. But if you approach him he magnets himself to my leg and is all of a sudden shy.
He knows more about the Toronto Blue Jays than an average guy.
He has the thickest quads a…

All about Lucia

Lucia turns 15 months this week and because I keep forgetting to update her baby book, I'm feeling I should probably keep track of her current cuteness somewhere. So here ya go.

Loves her ball
Is called 'lala' by Kinsey but still refers to herself as momma
Insistent on wearing bibs or necklaces or shoes. Quite the girl!
Loves her blanket and banging her head on the floor
Just popped her first teeth.
Doesn't like vegetables; is a carnivore.
Prefers to eat while walking around the house.
Loves babies but has a tendency to pinch them, especially Amelia
Can't get enough books- loves to read babble her own stories
Doesn't really play shy anymore
Is extremely cuddly.
Loves animals!!

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Lea and Brenen wedding preview

I think Father David said it best during his homily for Lea and Brenen's weekend wedding: through Lea and Bren's wedding today, everyone present is reflecting and renewing their own commitment to love. 
And weddings can make you do just that.  I know I couldn't help but think about my own situation and what I can do differently to make our marriage stronger.
And if I left with that feeling, I'm pretty sure that there are many more out there who are putting a little extra love into their marriage today thanks to Lea and Brenen.

It was a beautiful day to get married.  Last night Kyla and I just scratched the surface of all the fab photos and have plenty more to go through this week.  In the meantime here are some of my favourites that really evoke the beauty and love that were present on Saturday.
Happy Wedding !!!

Doesn't Lea make a stunning bride?