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a week of guests. Guest one.

I'm just prepping myself for a busier than normal week at work and at home. I still want to maintain my blog because it does bring a certain calm to my day, I have decided to do guest blogs this week.  Until I decide I have something intelligible to say.

Unbeknownst to Monique, she is my first guest. Surprise!  She emailed me something funny/thoughtful on the weekend that made me smile.  This is what she had to say:

I have taken the liberty to translate some of your  OH.EM.GEE statements :)

Out of place = new perspective
Exhausted = and therefore will be efficient
Fashionable = awesome
Numb = strong, not prone to being overly sensitive
First year teacherish.  = hot new teacher
Nervous = excited
Anxious = excited... honestly, nervous, anxious, and excited are nearly the same physiological response.  We just choose to interpret them differently based on our surroundings and other mental cues.  It is one of the reasons why some people are deathly scared of performing and others love it (or sky diving, etc etc), those who love it have chosen to interpret those physiological signals as excitement rather than fear. Sounds kinda simple, but it really changed my perspective on things when I learned that one.
We have the choice of whether to be scared (anxious, nervous) or excited.
Isn't that awesome??

Whatever the opposite of productive is.  = unproductive (haha... perhaps what I am being right now!!)



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