Toronto trip: Billy, Blue Jays and Britney

by - August 15, 2011

Willis, my parents and I just came back from a fantastic weekend away in Toronto.  This was Willis' first visit to a big city and man, oh man was he excited!  The kid never slowed down all weekend, despite early and late flights and time changes.  The little monster was running on high energy every single moment. 
We were very entertained this weekend, with mom and I taking in the musical, Billy Elliot and then 2 Blue Jays games (originally we had tickets only to 1 but had so much fun, we had to go the next day)  and of course I got to the Britney concert.  By myself, that's right.  But it just so happens that the girl next to me was by herself also. We were quick friends!

Funny things I want to always remember:
Willis walking on "safeways".  Which really was the Subway.  He loved walking on the vents. Except the hot ones.
Willis playing hide and seek in the mall.  I was just happy I could convince him to go shopping with me but the only way I could keep him entertained was if I had him "hiding" on Grandma while looking for clothes for me.
A strange lady approaching us at the Jay's game and telling Willis that he'll be playing for the Jays in 2025.  This was even more odd because she looked freakishly like Professor Trelawney on Harry Potter.  Maybe she could predict the future....

There are far too many highlights that I could blabber on about, so instead I'll leave you with some of my favourite photos and a video highlighting our adventures.

Willis getting autograph from Brad Mils

Autograph from Luis Perez

Best thing for me this weekend was having him sit on my lap during the game and explaining what was happening.  He would get SO excited every time someone hit the ball.
Also a highlight was meeting Brett Cecil who pitched the second game we saw.  I'm a nerd.

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  1. Wow Deena, looks like you had a fantastic holiday :) I am especially envious about the Britney concert!!!


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