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Texts from the weekend

It was a jolly good weekend for us, if you can't tell from the various texts.  Much time was spent just with our little family, enjoying the craziness of our kids. Time was also spent carouseling with Kinsey, drinking with Alynne, balling our eyes out at the movies, (You MUST see The Help), having a swim/supper date with the Hamiltons and just enjoying the beautiful weekend that we were given.

I'm not going to lie, my return to work scares me, but after having spent time talking with fellow teachers, Jordan and Hugh, I feel better and more capable.  Also, my night out with Alynne was just what I needed to make me remember that I'm more than just a mom.  We had such a great conversation about everything in life that it helps me bring energy to those tough moments, like when Lucia won't sleep at night and I feel like screaming.
I don't necessarily need to have lavish plans on a weekend to make it memorable.  Just throw in some family time and some friend time and voilĂ , I have the perfect combination to recharge my batteries and make the week ahead bearable.  
I'm feeling good today, thanks to my friends. 


  1. It won't take those new students long to figure out how amazing you are (not to mention how lucky they are).

  2. Oh, and I'm super pumped one of my texts made the post! Good thing I found my phone!

  3. Hey Deena. Thanks again for the drinks and much enjoyed convo. I am sure glad in my text I wrote that I was not hyper - I was going to write "I am horny". Lol.


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