Retail Therapy

by - August 17, 2011

I'm a shopper and I have always been.  I remember going to the Gateway Mall with Christy in grade 7 to buy those coveted sheer polka dot blouses from Mariposa, or the bold pattern block silk shirts.
It brought me joy and it still does now.
And who knew that polka dots, colour blocking and sheer materials would be back in some 20 years later?!
Sorry for using this pic, mom.  But in my defense you were a trendsetter back then.
While shopping in Toronto I couldn't help but notice some old trends that are being made new again.
Remember the big glasses, high waisted pleated pants our moms wore?

I feel like I could go on forever: backless shirts, neon colours, cropped ballerina shirts...we've seen it all before! It just somehow looks better now.

I think my favourite trend right now is the feminine paired with something edgy.  For example, a girlie chiffon maxi dress paired with a black leather jacket.
I could spend hours leafing through my favourite magazine, LouLou, which is also a Canadian magazine.  I think that's why I like it so much: it features affordable pieces, easily found around us and it provides tons of different trends and outfit creating idea.
Building an outfit is after all like art and to be honest with you, it's one of the main reasons I'm excited to go back to work.  Getting dressed up again! Well that and the shopping that goes with it!
I want to know: Where are your favourite places to shop in Saskatoon and what stores would you like to see open here?
Happy Fashioning!

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  1. Safeway is my fave. And another Costco would rock.

  2. bizarre fashion-not photo-cute baby and nice flowers though!

  3. I would like to see H&M in Saskatoon. Wasn't Mariposa great? Man, I owned a lot of awesome clothes from there back in grade 7-10 or so, haha!

  4. More than a specific store, I would love a stylist. I am not good at knowing what is trendy - let alone being confident about it. I would love for someone to show me a bunch of hip outfits and then I could just point to my favs! (And of course, all the outfits would be perfectly suited for my body type and fit like a glove.)

  5. do you go to the sandbox much? I haven't been yet, but heard it's one of the best places in saskatoon! :)


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