3 purple lies

needs and wants

My bed to be made every morning.
The kitchen cleaned before bedtime at night.
A Blue Jay game on TV so I can do my run.
Coffee in the am and right after lunch.
A little wardrobe pick me up with the changing seasons.
A hug and kiss from Willis in the morning.
An email just saying hey from Dan during the day.
Some quiet time in the morning while I'm getting ready.
To hug my little girl when she cries.
Some time to catch up with my friends.

For my transition to work to go smoothly.
For the weight to continue to fall off.
A Pumpkin Spice Latte.
For the September photography gigs to go perfectly.
For my future students to be kind and wanting to learn.
For my Dad's cancer treatment to hurry the hell up and be done with.
To pierce Lucia's ears.
For my sister to compose her guest blog already.
For Oiler tickets in the winter so Uncle Rob can bring Willis.
For my grey hair to disappear.
Time during the day when I return to work  to still do the things I love: exercise, blogging, reading, playing with kids, cooking wholesome meals....
My return to work tomorrow to be a good day.

That is all.
The end.


  1. Deena, best of luck with back to work!!! I know you will make time for everything that you need and want to do!! Your an amazing person and I know you will make everything work - That is part of your AWESOMENESS!!

    BPs date very soon!!

  2. Great lists. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and especially on Monday. You will be great.

  3. I'd like to be your fairy mother and wave my magic wand and grant you all your wishes - except piercing Lucia's ears!!! ouch!! have a great school year!

  4. Good luck on your first day back tomorrow!

  5. Good luck with your return. You will do great!


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