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I suppose summer must end sometime. Guest post 2.

We've done a lot of cool things this summer, but I think my sister and Rob win for the most original.  A yurt was never in my vocabulary until this summer. I would've thought it was some sort of Australian Yak, but no..
Read on to see what I learned from the Golightly's adventures. 

Summer Vacations by Kyla Dawn G-bomb. Esq.

Memories of summer vacations as a child are something that I hold close to my heart.  There are certain memories that are still vivid in my mind from these past vacations.  Our family went camping a lot and I can still remember watching the fireflies at night while we sat around the campfire, eating girl guide cookies, racing through the campsites with my siblings, biking to the beach and going to the outdoor theater at Waskesiu.  Our family also went to Vernon to visit our cousins just about every summer. I couldn’t wait for that drive to B.C. and it is still to this day my favourite journey. I loved stopping at all the sites along the way, counting the tunnels, the crisp smell of the mountain air, the feeling of my brother’s head resting on my shoulder as he bobbed back in forth to sleep and singing songs with Deena.
*Editor's note: I am surprised Kyla didn't include the time that I had her and Rob convinced that I could sleep with my eyes open. I was the BEST big sister!

I want to start the same family vacations with my own family.  This year we decided to do something a bit different.  I saw the information table for Flora Bora when mom and I went to the women’s show in Prince Albert last March. The table immediately caught my attention.  Flora Bora’s vision is to “create a unique place with low ecological impact as well as providing a setting to share their passion for nature, growing food, healthy living and greater self-reliance. Together they have created a place for visitors which is inspired, soulful, and an alternative to the standard hotel experience.” In the words of my husband, I have become a bit of a “tree-hugger” and I thought this would be an amazing place to spend some of our summer vacation this year.

We booked in for two nights at Flora Bora in August and stayed in Betty’s Abode.  If you don’t know what a yurt is, visit Flora Bora’s website (www.florabora.ca), you can get a better idea and see pictures!  We were amazed at how beautiful our yurt was. You have to walk through a path in the forest to get to your yurt and the owner brought a long a small wagon to carry our luggage. The sun was streaming through the trees and the only noise we could hear was the sound of the forest. 

Our two days at Flora Bora were spent playing board games on the deck, reading books in the sun, chasing Kinsey around the yurt, taking a hike through the forest,  spending time sitting in front of the table fan (Kinsey’s obsession) and swimming at Emma Lake.    I would recommend Flora Bora to anyone who just wants to get away for a few days. The great thing is that they are open all year round and it is such a short drive from P.A.!  Here are some pictures from our adventures at Flora Bora.


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