3 purple lies

Freeze Frame Friday

This week felt a little...unbalanced. Up and Down, Down and Up. My brain can't decided if it's happy or sad or both or neither.
But reality is that I'm now a working Mom and I have some adjustments and changes to make to my comfortable routine.
In with the old, out with the new? Or is it out with old, in with the new. Whatever.
My brain is fried and I haven't even had students yet. Oy.
So instead of dwelling on my stresses, I'm going to choose to freeze some of my favourite moments of the week and I know that they'll help bring me up when I start to feel overwhelmed again.

#1) Carouseling on the weekend with the kids and the Golightly fam.  It felt like what a family day should feel like and I'd really like to get more into the habit of taking the kids out with Kyla, Rob and Kinsey.

 #2) Monday night supper with Jordan and Chantelle.  We have so much in common and it wasn't really a shocker when I looked down at my watch for the first time in the evening to see that it was 10pm.  Considering we started the supper date at 7, there was lots of catching up to do!  I adore these girls!

Happy Weekending!