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Freeze Frame Friday

This was the week that I wanted to last forever, but alas it's already Friday. I can't believe I have to wake up next week to an alarm clock that isn't Lucia's scream/giggle/kisses. Although I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a little of both given her sporadic sleep schedule as of late.
There were many great moments this week that I didn't get pictures of.
The first one that comes to mind is the storm on Monday night.  I love a summer storm.  Mostly when there isn't damage.  Right before it happened the sky was lit up with layers of sheet lightening and you could smell the fresh rain hail coming.  It was a serene moment sitting on the deck, enjoying the show that nature was putting on for us.
My second moment is an impromptu supper outing with my good friend, Alison and her family at Red Lobster.  I miss her.  I miss how happy I am when I'm around her.  If only we still lived in the same city or could at least take a trip together...like to New York or something....hmmmmm.

Those were two wonderful moments of many this week that I missed snapping a picture but will forever think about because they bring me joy.
Speaking of joy.  How about this little cutie, who may I add, is officially WALKING!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. she's a dolly! smooooch!!

  2. I miss you too Dee. Love ya! Ali

  3. 1) lucia is beautiful
    2) the smell of rain, actually caused by a bacterium called actinomycetes. just sayin ;)


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