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{this moment}

My youngest brother in law lives 6600 kms away in the beautiful city of London, England. We have been lucky to see him twice a year since he moved there and are always ecstatic to hear that he's coming home for a visit.
Thanks to a couple delayed flights, all the stars aligned and worked out for a perfect excuse for a family gathering. Fortunately Josh was delayed in Halifax and just happened to bring home some fresh lobster for us to fall in love with eat along with all the other European treats cheese.  It was a reunion like none other and I loved every minute of having my house packed full of Simair.   Even though I don't quite understand the language that only one born into the family seems to grasp, I do love breaking bread with them and the dip in the pool after wasn't so bad either.
Minus the dunking.
Happy long weekend!

A Friday ritual. A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and…


I am very much a home body, easily spending my time enjoying my house, my yard, my neighbourhood.  But it's a nice change when we can get out and enjoy what our beautiful city has to offer.
Yesterday we took some time to bring the kids to Kinsmen Park for train and carousel rides.  For 1$ you can go on a extended cruise through tunnels and trees on a train or go for a very long carousel ride.  Willis is a huge fan of Kinsmen Park and I was pleased to see that Lucia loved it just as much.  In fact, she loved it so much we had to ride the horsey 3 times and she screamed everytime I took her off.
Looks like we'll be back there again.

Candace is having a baby!

Okay, she's not having one RIGHT now, but she could possibly be having one soon.  With her July 28th due date looming, my good friend's life is about to be turned upside down!
In a good way, obviously.
Luckily, she's surrounded by mommies who are more than willing to share tips and help her through what Carmen likes to refer to as, the vortex.  And rightfully so, I must say.
You are going to be a great momma, Candace and we all can't wait to meet your little one.
Here are some pics from her pregnancy shoot.

A wedding sneak peak.

First off, a huge congratulations to Sarah and Andrew as they celebrated their wedding day this past weekend. It was a beautiful event for an even more beautiful couple. I love seeing people being happy and in love! I also love having the family together for weddings because in a way, it makes me more grateful for the people who surround me and who have affected me in so many ways. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents....we all are connected in the mess of life and even if we only get to see each other sometimes once a year, we still share the same roots. I thought a lot about family this weekend, mostly about how times are changing and everyone is getting older, which kinda makes me sad but also makes me excited to be at a different stage in life. Maybe it's not us who are the crazy kids running around with our bellies full of pop and cupcakes anymore, instead we visit as adults, building different lives across the country while we watch our children rip around the dance fl…

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 
We had a great get together this week to celebrate Carmen's birthday and to shower little Liam (not in picture) with lots of love.  My favourite times in life are those spent with my friends and this one had all the fixings of a great time: presents, pad thai, pizza, blizzard cake and giggles.  Just missing our Christy, Cooper, Grady and Karter.  OH, and that baby that will soon be popping out of Candace.
Any day now, right Can????!!!!
Happy weekend, everybody!

Fun times ahead

Today I'm busy-ing myself prepping for tomorrow's wedding and family reunion gong show.
My little cousin, Sarah is getting married and Kyla and I have the honour of doing their photography.  Not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous as this is only my 2nd wedding gig.  But nerves = adrenaline for me and when the adrenaline is flowing I get my best ideas.  I also love having my sister by my side because we can play off each other, it really doesn't get better.
So along with packing up my camera essentials and making sure I don't forget important things like batteries or memory cards, I also have to pack clothes. Which I LOVE.  I could've spent hours last night laying out possible outfits along with matching accessories and shoes.  I decided to go with two outfits for the wedding: one being comfy for taking pictures and moving around in/outdoors and then a second for partying it up with the family.
Can't wait!  Here are my ensembles....

All about Lucia

Might as well stay on the L-bean topic while she is being crazy cute these days. I have loved seeing her personality develop as she becomes more comfortable with anybody other than her Mommy and Daddy.
Currently Lucia is obsessed with :
Kissing or licking my arm.
Feeding the dogs.
Barking at the dogs.
Picking my onions.
Her belly button.
Repotting my plants.
Toilet paper.
Watching the toilet flush.
Anything that can be coated in cheese.

a slow-motion Tuesday

I'm running a little behind today on everything.  But it's only because my day was started in the utmost relaxing fashion ever:  kidless at Heidi's salon.  Yup, doesn't get much better than getting my hair did while visiting with one of my favourist hairstylistfriend, while my children are at daycare  That was a lot of made up words in one sentence.
We sipped coffee on her patio in the sunshine and it put me in the most relaxing mood ever.  Thanks, Heidi.  So instead of blogging, cleaning the house, running errands, exercising, calling Christy (sorry Christy) or doing anything I planned on doing during my afternoon with Lucia, I vegged and watched my little girl explore.  Interruption free.   And it was fantastic.
It was so fantastic, in fact that I felt compelled to share it with you. So enjoy, because now I'm off to pick up my little rascal and then spend an awesome evening celebrating Carmen and then hopefully swinging by my ball game.

Untitled from Dee

Whirlwind of life.

This weekend felt a little bit crazy.  It was one of those weekends where you feel like you're in a mad dash in all directions and then when you finally get to sit down, you just want to topple over and sleep. For many days.
First up was provincials which started on Friday.  It was a tough game and we got walloped. The other team managed to hit in every direction and we couldn't.  You can't win games like that.  Luckily the bats were turned on for Saturday as we came back and won both games.  I didn't have a part in this, but I was obsessively texting the team to stay in the loop while I was away.  We made it to the semi-finals on Sunday but fell short and couldn't come up with a win.  All in all, I'm very proud of what we achieved for being a new team.  After this weekend I have so much more respect for the "old" girls on our former Ganza team who always brought their A+ game at provincials.  I really need to get to that level and will work that muc…

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

This is the only picture I took over our Edmonton getaway. Gasp.  Actually, it was kinda nice to not have to worry about taking pictures when Lea and Liz were snapping just to get the pics from them so I can do a post....
This moment pictured above was probably the peak of our morning craziness until later when we got to the concert and starting seeing/talking to members of the bands.  Goofiness to the max, I tell ya and keeping with proper Happiness Project protocol, I'm on the right track to utter bliss.

Happy weekend everybody!  I'm in provincials for ball this weekend and videographing a former student's wedding.  It'll be a busy weekend, but hopefully a memorable one as well.

Oh Willis.

If there isn't anything I enjoy more than getting away for a bit, it's coming home to see my family.  Those cuddles, hugs and kisses energize me when all I really want to do is sleep off this NKOTB hangover.
Nope, not in this house, we don't ever slow down....except for last night.  I brought Willis with me to ball practice which was in the field house b/c of the rain.  I had no clue it would be a sauna in there but made sure Willis had water and had time to sit and watch Mommy practice.  He cracked me up everytime he'd watch someone bat: his little body goes tense and he jumps at every crack of the bat.  So cute!  Anyway, he ran with us, chased balls and played on the track.  This kid is always full of energy asking : so Mom, what do you want to play? and Hey, Mom, wanna play?  every two seconds of all minutes he's awake.
So after ball I wasn't too concerned when he was saying he had a headache, it was after all freakishly hot in there.  Kyla dumped he water …


Oy.  What a trip.
Taking some time off from life to travel to Edmonton with my two cousins was a blast.  I sure missed having my sister along though, gotta say that for sure.  It was a LONG day yesterday and I'm quite tired today, but whatever, you only get to go to a NKOTB concert once....or so I thought. This would be number 4.
All the stars were aligned for us yesterday: we found an IHOP without having to look, we got tickets to the BSB after party, we had free samples of wine at Olive Garden, it didn't rain on us as we waited patiently with some rather crazy fans to sight some former boybanders.....the list goes on. So here are my highlights of the day:
1- Crossing off an item of my bucket list: Have a conversation with a celebrity. Although it was a BSB and I couldn't remember his name, I did have a legit conversation with Howie about Canada, poutine, Tim Hortons and his cute son (we also chatted with his wife and his 2 year old son blew us a kiss).  I deam this as a…

Sigh and relax

Today I wake up in Edmonton after a rather hilarious road trip with my two cousins, Renee and Lea.
We hit the roads last night so that today we can enjoy a day of ikea-ing and west ed-ing before the big event: The New Kid on the Block/ Backstreet Boys concert. Woooohooooooo! This is concert number three for us with our former boy band obsession and let me tell you, it gets better every time!
We are getting more and more pro at locating them and have high hopes of adding more meets to our chain of NKOTB hugs- last concert it was Donnie, this time I'm really hoping for Joey.
Regardless what happens I'm pretty sure there will be load of laughter and good times while we're out hanging tough.

On being generous and giving.

I just finished blogging this morning about the importance of friendship, of making new connections and of being generous and giving in those relationships.  Now is time to put that into action and the email that I received from Dianne that this was a go could not have come at a better moment.
If you read my blog regularly, you will likely know of our friends, Jordan and Hugh's story and if you haven't, then you should start reading here.  No parent should have to bury their child.
In efforts to do something, anything to soothe their souls, a friend of theirs has proposed putting up a bench close to Jordan and Hugh's house in honour of Tripp.  I think this is a brilliant idea and will be posting the link so that anyone else who has been touched by their story can contribute as well. 5$ or 500$, it doesn't matter, but what matters is that you are reaching out to someone and making this world a more caring, beautiful place for a wonderful family.
Here is the link to Dia…

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Thanks to many great suggestions on my 'what to do with my to do list' post a couple weeks ago, I have finally tackled that beast and she is under control.
The mother of all lists went from an overwhelmingly long list of random tasks to a neatly organized and trimmed back list divided into months.  That way I don't even have to look at what I want done in August and therefore I don't get stressed out.  I only focus on my July tasks which range from little things like Willis' bday party favour bags to big tasks like bossing my husband around more politely and gratefully asking husband to put up a fence around the pool heater.  Which is already done, in fact, just proving how effective my new strategy is.  I even managed to get rid of some tasks that really weren't priorities and put them onto next summer's to be considered list.  So with that all taken care of, I can now relax and enjoy my time, sans guilt.
I think that biggest lesson I've learned in pa…

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

This week was a good week:  I organized my to-do list and tackled some nagging tasks, Willis was fun this week and didn't have many meltdowns.  He came with me both nights to ball and made me smile every time I looked at him.  He even tried to follow me into the field with his glove to "help me out".  Lucia is taking more and more steps between Dan and I and I'm sure, as soon as she realizes she can do it, she'll be walking.  Husband and I had a night to cuddle on the couch and watch Harry Potter.  It's so important that we have that time, but it's also easy to forget when there are so many other things to do.  We're currently watching all the HP movies so that when we see the last one we'll be ready.  Hmmm, what else?  I  got in my very first 5k run outside this week.  Normally I just run on the …


many thoughts a running through this mind of mine this a.m

First off, today marks a big day in the life of a couple friends: their 10th year anniversary.  Seriously, are we that old that we're able to be married that long? 10 years ago, I got to be a bridesmaid for the very first time and stand up for 2 wonderful people.  Congratulations, Alison and Mike! You have since raised a beautiful family and I miss living in the same city as you.

Since I started scanning my multiple photo albums project (I, by started mean that I've only so far got through 1 album of 15. It's a rainy day project, there hasn't been rain). Anyway, the only album I've got through is her wedding album so at least I can leave you with some of my favourite pictures of a wonderful day.

 10 years ago. Wow.  We were only 22 at your wedding. Man, I would love to have my 22 year old body/skin/energy back and I miss the lack of responsibility or worry that that time in life had, at the same time, I…

My happy place

In the past couple days two bloggers I faithfully follow, Jyl and Jordan, both posted about the relaxation going to the lake brings them.
I definitely have to agree.
Growing up we were lake people and although those weren't necessarily relaxing weekends, they still gave me an appreciation for the simple beauty of nature. I wish I was still a lake person, maybe when Lucia is a couple years older we'll start adventuring out, making those priceless lake memories with them.
Once the girls got me thinking about the lake, I started thinking about where my happy place would be. Everyone needs a calming refuge to go to when there's just too much going on.
You probably would think mine's the mall, the ball diamond or in front of the computer (likely shopping) but it's not. It would be on my deck, around 8ish when the sun is beginning its decent. The patio lights are on, the air is fresh and I'm cozily reading on my lounge chair. Even better would have me floating in t…

Moments I wish I had videos or pictures of

1.  Lucia's face when she poops. For a quiet little girl, she can sure be vocal and powerful in that moment.

2.  Lucia's excitement every time she sees a dog, or a cat, or a buffalo for that matter. She adores animals and freaks her freak whenever she sees one.

3.  Speaking of Lucia freaking her freak, she is hilariously ecstatic whenever Daddy comes home from work. Must get on video.

4.  Willis has this game on the iPad that he plays, I can't remember what it's called but basically he speaks to this comic animal of sorts and it repeats what he says in a high pitch voice.  The things he says are hilarious.

5.  A couple days ago, Willis and I were having lunch and watching the Jays play.  Jose Bautista, the league leader in home runs was batting for the Jays and I said to Will, "Jose is my favourite player right now".  He looks at the T.V.....thinks a little and then says: "Mom, I'm cheering for the glover."

6.  Willis' random moments when h…

The Perfect Weekend.

While it seemed that everyone was at the lake or somewhere else this weekend, I managed to find ways to amuse myself, and much to my surprise it turned out to be a perfect weekend.
We took a quick overnighter into P.A to visit with our parents and came home to Saturday to find we still had two more days at home.  I love when I forget that it's a long weekend.
Our couple days at home were a perfect combination of enough productivity to make me feel like I'm accomplishing something, enough playtime with the kids to produce some awesome memories and enough downtime to make me feel balanced and relaxed.
This weekend had it all: the zoo,  the pool, art projects, yard work, computer work, blue jays games, books on the patio, books in the pool while floating in the scent of the blooming lilac tree, time spent with husband, time spent with Chris & Marina; it was perfect.
I really wish all weekends could be like that because they leave me with a feeling of clarity that I definitel…

à la Canadienne

We spent the Canada Day portion of our long weekend back in Prince Albert, visiting our parents.  Traveling isn't super easy right now with Lucia being a finicky sleeper when not in her house so we end up being more tired and played out than usual.  But it was nice to get away and visit.
These past few days I've spent doing Canada Day my way, for example, I:
Talked to Willis about the different provinces and where his friends live across the country.
Picked garden strawberries.
Had hot dog roasts/marshmallows by the fire.
Went to the lake.
Ate homemade poutine and strawberry shortcake.
Booked tickets to a Jays game for myself, Willis and my parents.
Also got a ticket to see Britney Spears in TO the same night!!!!!!!!!! Mom refuses to go with me, so I'll go solo.  I'm that excitedtoseeBritneySpears cool.
Watched fireworks from bedroom window.
Watched the Jays play.
Drank beer.

Kay, so these activities aren't very Canadian, but I had poutine and beer and that should…