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Summer foods


I've been on a Quinoa kick for a bit, trying out different recipes to get this super food into our family regime.
So far I have two favourite recipes.

The first is a Quinoa Veggie Burger from Chatelaine.  I made a couple alterations to it: I didn't serve it on a portabella mushroom but on a bun and I topped with swiss cheese because really, anything with cheese is better, if you ask me.

The second recipe that I love is Kraft's Mediterranean Quinoa Salad.
If you like Greek salads then you'll definitely appreciate this one.  The Quinoa adds a nice texture to a salad, especially when it's mixed in with the feta cheese.
Hmm... feta cheese, here we go again.

So there you have it, my current kitchen obsession.
I'm just glad that I've moved on from the winter that was overtaken by cookies.