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The Daddy Files: Day two

Meet Eric, husband of Carmen.  He's probably one of the kindest guys I know and is always easy to talk to and positive to be around.  He is also 3 sleeps away from meeting his second child.  Life is about to change again, Eric!  I have to hand it to Carm and Eric, they manage their lives despite Eric being on the road every other week.  He is definitely a committed Dad!

Meet Mark, husband of Alynne.  I have the utmost respect for this guy because of how happy he makes one of my dearest friends.  Mark works hard, plays hard and loves even stronger.  He is also one of the few Dads that I've heard say "Hey, let me watch the boys, you girls go visit".  Love it!
Meet Graham, husband of Melissa.  Graham is genuinely kind, down to earth and I really think that he and Mel make a fabulous team and are doing an even better job of raising two wonderful boys.


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