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The Daddy Files: Day three

Meet James, husband of Christy.  James is a devoted, caring and hard working Dad.  I admire his values and the down to earth approach he has in parenting.  He has a great sense of humour and puts his family first.  He's a great man!

Meet John, wife of Stacey.  I actually haven't met John, they are friends of Christy and James and she was the only one to answer my "invite your friends to respond too".  Any friend of Christy's is obviously going to be cool and after reading John's answers (and maybe stalking Stacey's blog), I think that they would be the type of people we'd be friends with.

Meet Robbie, husband of Kyla, broinlaw of moi.  Rather new to the Daddy scene, Robbie is a natural.  I love seeing the smile on his face when Kinsey comes into the room; he absolutely lights up!  He's a wonderful Dad who isn't afraid to say 'no' and set the boundaries, which will be admiral qualities once Kinsey is loose in the world!  We'll see if he can catch up to her then. Muahahah.


  1. Such a great idea Dee! Likely a lot of prep work getting things put together, but the end product is a fantastic resource for moms and dads the same. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. I am enjoying all the answers!


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