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The Daddy Files: Day one

Welcome to the testosterone version of the Mommy Diaries:  the Daddy Files.  I'm actually quite impressed that I received more than just my husband's response on this one.  I was expecting the men to be more reluctant to open up but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that you're just not seeing an excerpt from Dan.
I think the men in our lives deserved to be celebrated as they often are overlooked and carry a lot of weight on their shoulders.  Dads play a huge role in influencing our children and, moms out there, we should give them a break recognize that and say thank you for all they do.  Here's to the Daddy Files!

Meet Mike, husband of Tanya.  A hard working man who does everything he possibly can to provide for his family including working away from home during the week.  It can't be easy being away from your children and beautiful wife!

Meet Mason, husband of Lisa.  Another Dad who works hard to be a great example for his family.  He decided on a major career move in the search for happiness, which I think reflects on his values and will greatly influence his daughter. 

Meet Ralph, husband of Liz.  He is another hard worker who puts his family first and is always pushing to do more for his family.  He is very much a 'boy's man' with more toys than I've ever seen in one 3 car garage!!!