Scotland, the last day.


This morning we, and by 'we' I mean Kyla and Robbie, woke up feeling the effects of too much ale. Cozy English Pub + Rubber arms + Off terrain vehicle and hangovers, not such a good idea.
Luckily we were staying at the most charming B&B in the geographical centre of Britain, and the lovely owner offered us a hearty English breakfast and anything you could think of for a speedy recovery. If ever you find yourself in Haltwhistle, Northumbria, England, do stay at Chare Close and definitely do attempt to try all the ale at the Black Bull. The food was also phenomenal there.
We were picked up by Gary from Hadrian Wall adventures at 9:30 and were ready for a full day of fun.
I learned so much today. Gary was a very well informed guide, passionate about history and hard to keep up to.
Today I walked where Romans walked, sat on their benches and touched their money. We visited the active archaeologic site of Vindolanda and saw writing tablets from the first century. As old as Jesus! Wowza.
We climbed and trekked through field of sheep, my calves will be paying for this tomorrow and I'm pretty sure my brain may explode from all the information I took in today.
We are now waiting our train to Glasgow where we end our journey. Robbie will be continuing on to see my bro in law, Josh, in London and then on to Spain, while Kyla and I will happily return home to our hot husbands and our beautiful children that we miss so dearly tomorrow night. Super excited to get home, but have loved every minute of this adventure.
The end.
(sorry there aren't any pictures....stooopid technology)

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