Scotland : Day one. The day of no sleep

by - May 05, 2011

There was once a time when I spent day in and day out with my brother and sister.  They were my world and my closets friends or enemies, depending on the day.  Like all, we had to grow up and go our separate ways, but we still remained close.  The last time we spent this much time together was 10 years ago when we attended World Youth Day in Toronto (which was a fantastic time).  Now here we are again, the brat pack, travelling and revelling in each other's company.
We've arrived safely in Scotland after a loooong, sleepless flight from Calgary to Glasgow.  In Glasgow we swiftly determined our boundaries (which is necessary because we know VERY well how to piss each other off) and that we should only drink beer out of our left arms because of various arm injuries to each of us. The train ride from Glasgow was pretty with random castles and sporatic groupings of sheep.  It is so lush and green here!
Surprisingly after going 30 some hours without sleep, I'm doing very well.  Jet lag is nothing compared to 11 months of sleepless nights.  Thanks for the endurance training, Lucia!
Upon our arrival to Edinburgh, we stowed our luggage and hit the Royal Mile, with the Edinburgh Castle being our first stop. It is a beauty!  My favourite part was the contrast of bright green foliage with the rustic castle rocks and the prisons of war.  Kyla tried leading us down into a vault which I think was illegal, but then we got to scared and decided to follow the normal path.  The most exciting part for me was seeing my history lessons come to life.  I'm not the hugest history buff and I'm not gonna lie, I find it difficult keeping myself and my students interested in Napoleon and the sorts, but when I can see the actual history come to life, well then, that's a completely different story.
I had a checklist of things I needed to experience here and eating Haggis was one of them.  I must say, it was horrible.  While I had certain things to accomplish, Brother was focused on pints of beer and wouldn't rest until he consumed some.  Not many, just some.  My favourite place that we ate today was a little pub called "The World's End" on the Royal Mile.  We spent some time chatting with the bartending staff about Ice Hockey and Football and different drinks.  The Fish and Chips were spectacular and it was so far one of my favourite moments of the day.
Other things we did was a double decker bus tour (I really wanted to sit up high, outside and learn stuff). I saw were Robert Burns and Alexander Graham Bell lived as well as were Mary Queen of Scots spent most of her time.  It was freaky to see how old this city is and where all the freaky punishments took place (witchcraft trials, stake burning and other public executions).
This city is beautiful.  There is so much more I want to see and do, but we're off in the morning for our 3 day tour of the North.  I look forward to stunning scenery and other beautiful sites, I'm sure.
Here are some of my favourite pics.  I'm not too sure if we're going to have internet on this 3 day trip, so if you don't hear from me until Sunday then you know I'm gleefully frolicking through some loch or something like that.

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  1. I to am having a day of no sleep. Actualy 2. But it is not jet lag induced as yours. Ahhhh how I wish I was on vacation too :) I hope tomorrow brings sleep for both of us! Happy travels!

  2. ah how i wish we could have gone along - but what a fun experience for the three of you!! enjoy every meet and don't squabble!! hee hee

  3. Marlene, I keep thinking about how proud you must be that your kids are so close and enjoy spending so much time together. I often ask my mom what she did that "made" Jes, Luke and I so close and she can't come up with anything concrete. . .any ideas?

    Deena. What can I say. I will remain jealous until you return home!


Have a lovely day!