Scotland day 5: not Scotland any longer

by - May 09, 2011

This morning was started off perfectly with a walk down the Royal Mile to Hollyrood Palace (Queen's residence here). Bright blue skies, medieval buildings and tons of history surrounding me- doesn't get much better.
We had a train to catch at 11, which we took to Alnmouth, Northumbria, England to see the Alnwick Castle which has some crazy history dating back to the 13th Century. It is a huge castle by my standards with a beautiful botanical garden which rivals Buschart Garden in Victoria.
The biggest draw to me was that Harry Potter first two films were filmed there. Hogwarts, anybody? Imagine the first broomstick training scene? Yup, we learned to fly brooms there- along with a bunch of 8 year olds, but whatever.
I think this possibly was the highlight of my trip.
We then hopped a train to Haltwhistle which is the Carnduff of England. Scary small town with a fabulous pub, the Black Bull, where we are currently enjoying many pints of cask ale.....

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  1. I love you. Just wanted to throw that out there. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. I am so enjoying the pictures. Glad you are having some brewskies.

  2. Now I am super jealous. Flying lessons. Wow :-)

  3. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Just how many pints have you had this trip?????


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