Scotland day 3: we hike and we hike.

by - May 07, 2011

Today was a great, refreshing, exhausting and just generally fun day.  We started it off with a hike up to Neist Point which is the western most point of the island.  The day turned out beautiful and we definitely worked off our big Scottish breakfast that we had earlier.  My calves paid the price but it was definitely worth it for the views.
The drive through the country side was particularly pretty and I was able to draw a lot of similarities between life here and how it is in rural Saskatchewan.  Nothing but hard working people, living off the land.  There a quite a few differences, however, with the sheep having the right of way on the roads here.  Yup, it's illegal to stress out or rush a sheep if he happens to be on the road in front of you.  Interesting.  We also spoke a lot about the history in the region with Bonnie Prince Charles and Flora McDonald, also there was a lot of discussion about the Jacobite rising.  Very interesting stuff, but mostly because I just finished the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, who touches a lot on that history.
Brother was quickly named "Rob, the mountain goat" for his super mountain climbing skills.  He was everywhere today, running here, jumping wonder he lies in bed asleep at 8, much earlier than his party animal sisters who are left to drink his beer. MUAHAHHA.
After a long day of nature walks, hikes and rest points on mountain tops, we were left to enjoy a wonderful supper and of course a couple pints of scottish ale.  We're really trying to attempt a local dish each meal.  Today's specialties that we sampled were : Cullen Skink (sounds horrible, yes) which is basically a smoked haddock, potato and chive soup.  Kyla said it was good as long as she didnt' have to smell it.  I've also had mussels with every meal as they're caught here daily and served fresh- they are fabulous.   But mostly we've been experiencing the fine repertoire of Isle of Skye beers.
It was a great day with my fantastic siblings.  Really, the highlight was when we got home and could all sit together and skype mom and dad. That was really neat.  I love my family.
I'm off to bed early tonight, hoping I can catch my hubby and kidlets on skype before I fall asleep. I do miss them tons.
Tomorrow will be an exciting day as we head back to Edinburgh after stopping to tour Eilean Donan Castle and Lochness.
Ps. Don't mind the many typos on my previous blogs, I've been too lazy to re read.  Apparently Ky and Rob are my closet friends. weird.  Closest I meant. The haggis wasn't horrible, not too sure where that came from . It wasn't horrible was what I was trying to say and we're not on a Rabies tour, but a Rabbies tour. As in Rabbie Burns.
That's all for now.


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Have a lovely day!