Scotland Day 2: We travel to Isle of Skye

by - May 06, 2011

Ah, the Isle of Skye.  Even the name sounds lovely, doesn't it? 

I really enjoyed our trip today. We left Edinburgh around 9am and ended up at our Bed and Breakfast at 6:30 with many lovely stops along the way.
We have a fantastic tour guide with our Rabbies tour who has the gift of storytelling and is an encyclopedia of historic, geographic and geological facts. I think I've learned more today than I did in all my years at University. I am definitely a hands on learner.
The stories ranged in subjects from Mary, Queen of Scots to Rob Roy, to whiskey drinking to William Wallace to Robert Burns. They were so interesting and have definitely sparked a learning bug on my part.

We stop in glens, at lochs, at castles and random places to sample whiskey, making the bus ride go by quite quickly.

We ended our journey in the capitol of The Isle of Skye, Portree: which is a small harbour town with excellent seafood and a cozy feel.

Tomorrow we shall explore the island by foot and bus, but likely mostly by foot.

I'm tired, so I shan't share any more stories, but will leave you with pictures instead. The beauty of the landscape here can speak for itself.

Nighty night!

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  1. skye also has fantastical scotch! Monique


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