Mommy diaries: the end.


Well that went by quickly!
It has been so much fun reading your responses and comments to the questions posed in the Mommy Diaries and I have to say thank you to everyone who submitted.  I know that some people found this easy while others had to step far out of their comfort zones for me.  So a million thank yous and high fives to you.
This activity was good for me.  It pushed me to look for the good in every person and to find a way to express what I thought about them without sounding like I'm just putting random words together. That was the hard part.  The easy part was sharing these beautiful mommies with you.  Everyone deserves to be appreciated, applauded and loved and that was my goal in doing this.  It's hard being a parent and we often put so much pressure on ourselves without even realizing it and for me I think it's become important that I draw on the experiences and strengths of these great people around me when I feel like I'm not doing a good job.
The mommy diaries came at a very important time for me.  Last week our pediatrician (we're seeing her b/c of L's slow growth) asked that we have Lucia tested for Cystic Fibrosis.  WTF?! Cystic Fibrosis is a scary disease.  Why a test for CF you ask?  Well, it's just the next step to find out why she isn't gaining tons of weight.  We did the blood work, it was fine, so now this.  But WOW, you can't tell me that you want my daughter tested for CF and not expect my world to stop.  I know it was unlikely that she had it (I did my research on symptoms and likelihood and spoke to the specialist) but still, all logic goes out the window when it's your own child at the plate.  Anyway, point being, this was happening to me right in the middle of Mommy Diaries and I found it empowering to think of all the other women and how life never really goes the way you've planned it anyway and somehow they survived.
Much to our relief, Lucia tested negative and we can move on.  We are going to give her some time and let her grow at her own rate, ignoring the pressure to have her tested for this and tested for that.  Why search for a problem when there is nothing wrong with my cute little shrimp.  So thank you to the mommies who held me up during that miserable time. Mommy Diaries couldn't have come at a better time for me.
I have really enjoyed doing this and my hope is that you  found some strength or inspiration in one of these lovely ladies.  I know I did.

In fact I enjoyed this so much that you'll have to join me again in June for the next installment: Daddy Files.


  1. Wow! I can't imagine how scary a time that must have been for you - I'm glad to hear that Lucia tested negative for CF.

    A big thank you needs to be given to you for doing these Mommy Diaries! I was impressed at all the wonderful things you had to say about each individual mom and that it wasn't repetitive or generic (like a horoscope). Yes, everyone does deserve to be appreciated, applauded and loved and you deserve that as well. If I was doing the Mommy Diaries, this would be my intro for you:

    Meet Deena: I've known Deena for over 18 years - the crux of our friendship involved ringette and stalking our crushes (along with lots of laughter, giggling, sleepovers and writing novels to one another). There are many things that I admire about Deena. One of the first things that comes to mind is her creativeness. From her epic video-making and photography skills to her themed parties/events, from her beautiful piano playing and singing voice...creativity just naturally oozes from Deena.

    I also admire Deena for her strong sense of family and the importance of those bonds. I am envious that Deena gets to see/chat/laugh with her sister on a daily basis and that the two of them get to watch their children grow up together. Mixed in with the sense of family is the importance that tradition plays in making meaningful memories for her children.

    I am beyond happy that Deena started blogging. Because we live in different cities, get togethers have been extremely rare. Through her blog, I am able to stay updated on the goings-on in her life, but I also get to "see" what's happening as well.

    That was Deena :)

    (I could have said "This is Deena" but I don't have a Mommy Diary to follow it lol)

  2. Thanks Deena! I very much looked forward to the Mommy Diaries. It helped provide different perspectives and to also see that all moms are "normal" in the feeling that this is a TOUGH job. Liz

  3. I wish it could just be accepted that there is a wide range of "normal". nobody ever says to an over-size baby "oh my gosh, your baby is so big, you should get that checked!!" happy to hear Lucia is doing well!



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