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"There is universal truth I have found in my work. Everybody longs to be loved. And the greatest thing we can do is let somebody know that they are loved and capable of loving." - mister Rogers

There is nothing about Motherhood that is easy and sadly it's not all naps, coffee, afternoon strolls and baking that I want it to be. Often, we are harder on ourselves then we should be. This has been made even more evident to me in a conversation I had with the BFF about a mom who had made a comment regarding a common parenting technique she used that she felt ashamed to admit: the dreaded cry-out.
This made me think.
How many other parents also experience the guilt, doubt and shame that is associated with, well everything we do? Aren't we always questioning our methods and comparing ourselves to others?
I wish that didn't have to be the case. I wish we could all feel pride in the efforts we put in 24/7, parenting our beautiful children. We are trying to raise our children in loving, empowering households, but we are at the same time neglecting to love ourselves and the wonderful moms that surround us.

Mother's Day is in a month from today- so in an attempt to celebrate the extraordinary moms that surround me and have influenced me in some way, I will be sporadically featuring a mom in my life. Maybe this will work, maybe it won't. Maybe someone's words will inspire you as they have me. Who knows? I guess we'll wait and see.

I've sent out emails to 30+ moms, asking a couple questions about motherhood. I thought the questions were easy until I tried answering them. I guess it's only fair that I take a whirl at this myself. So here it goes......

1. Highlight of motherhood:
Although I am tempted to answer 'everything' to this, I think if it came down to it, the best part of my day is when my children are safely and peacefully asleep in bed. I could lay next to them for hours, watching them (in a non-creepy way) sleep. Serenity.
2. Hardest part of being a mom:
How it is so subjective. Sometimes I wish that everything is clearly laid out. This gets even more difficult when you have kids with different temperaments.
3. Best piece of advice:
Have confidence in your abilities. Trust yourself.
4. Best product:
Sleepy wear wrap. So comfortable for carrying la Lucia!
5. Meal that works:
Tomato soup and carrots for Willis, Hard boiled eggs for Lucia.

So this is a short version from me, but you always hear my ideas. Stay tuned on Monday when I feature the first responder, Christy the BFF, who answered within the hour. So like Christy!


  1. Yeah!! I secretly thought I may get to be first since I submitted first! I can't wait to read all about the other moms. What a great way to gear up for Mother's Day!

    PS - I like your answer to best part. But I thought you were going for the time that you finally get to read a book and be by yourself :) oops, my bad.


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