Mommy diaries: Tales from the shale. Lisa and Tanya


Meet Lisa:  There's something about playing a sport with someone that brings you to a different level.  It's almost like a marriage: where cooperation, communication and teamwork is key.  I met Lisa while playing fastball in Shellbrook.  She is hell of a ball player and recently has been introduced to mommyhood, making her, I'm sure, a hell of a mom.  Lisa has this drive and confidence about her that radiates and gets the job done.  I wish I lived closer to her so I could catch up, play some ball and share some motherhood secrets with her.  She's a great friend.
I admire her ability to wear her heart on her sleeve.
I enjoy her presence.  She's quiet and she's easy to get along with.
I am thankful for her monthly videos.  It makes me feel closer to her.
I think other moms would benefit from her ears.  She's a good listener and an even more fun person to vent with.
This is Lisa:

Meet Tanya, a.k.a Rocket:  I met her also in the Brook, playing ball with the Shellbrook gals.  She initially was my opponent growing up and I secretly despised admired her speed on the bases, later when I joined her team I realized what an asset she was not only on the diamond but as a friend.  When I first moved to Warman, she was my only friend there and having recently had a baby, she was full of knowledge and advice, like a big sister would be.  She played a huge role in how I would adapt to motherhood and was a great role model.  Still is.  
I admire how she quit her job to take on being a stay at home mom.  I wish I was that ballsy.
I enjoy our coffee dates and chats. We may not see each other often, but that never seems to matter.
I am thankful for the years we played ball together, she is one person I truly miss on the field.
I think other moms would benefit from her competitiveness and drive.  She is so full of life and love.
This is Tanya:

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