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Mommy diaries: Sara

Meet Sara:  an adoption worker by day, loving mom by night.  Sara is one of those people whose kindness and genuine compassion for people don't go unnoticed.  I find her refreshing to be around because she is so real, if that makes any sense. 
I admire her honesty and ability to ask for help when needed.
I enjoy living blocks from her and meeting her at the park to play, well for the kids to play. We reminisce, gossip and laugh.
I am thankful for years of friendship that have easily transformed into a shared love for parenting, designer jeans and getaways with the girls.
I think other moms would also enjoy her wholehearted ability to make you feel like you've known her for ages.  When you talk, there is no doubt Sara is listening.
This is Sara:


  1. I wanted to mention how great the intros you are doing are. After our play date at the park, I would whole heartedly agree with you that Sara is one of those people that you feel like you've known forever. She is so easy to talk to.


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