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Meet Melissa:  A caring friend in high school and later a funtastic roommate while we were both beginning our teaching careers in the P of A.  Mel is a very easy person to get along with:  she's gentle, kind, organized and motivating.  I see her as a Mary Poppins type of teacher:  firm, yet kind and  I believe that any child would be blessed to call her teacher.  Mel and I don't see each other often, but that doesn't seem to matter as we can quickly pick up where we left off.  She was a great person to lean on when I first had Willis and gave fantastic advice, advice that I still use in my parenting.
I admire Melissa's ability to balance her own needs with those of her family.  It motivates me seeing her juggling teaching, her family and a gym regime.
I enjoy our get togethers though few and far between.    
I am thankful for the yearish I spent living with her.  She was a very congenial person to live with.
I think other moms would benefit from her caring and concern.  I never feel like she's just talking to talk but rather is talking to truly know more about me and my life.
This is Melissa:

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