Mommy diaries: Lisa

Meet Lisa:  a gifted teacher and amazing mom.  She has the most zest and enthusiasm for life that I have ever seen present in a person.  She radiates love, compassion and a goofy girlishness that will have you in stitches laughing so hard.  What is even more compelling about this woman is her story about how she and her husband bravely faced their reality and came out of it the most beautiful children I have ever seen.  All three of her children were adopted from Ha├»ti, the two boys having experienced the earthquake last year and arrived safely in Lisa and Laurier's arms shortly after.  If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you will remember the posts I did about their story: here, here and here.
I admire her strength of spirit and faith in a loving, giving God.
I enjoy Lisa's way of wording things.  Her Christmas letter had me laughing for days.   If anyone should start blogging, it should be her. Hint, hint.
I am thankful for her friendship; having made me feel instantly at ease my first year in Saskatoon at a new school.
I think other moms would appreciate every ounce of her being.  She is one of my favourite people in the world, mostly because of how happiness oozes out of every ounce of her.  And how can it not?  That family is adorable.
Here is Lisa:


  1. I really connect with some of the things Lisa said. . . especially her best advice. You are right. She should blog. Lisa is a great writer. Is she an ELA teacher? LOL


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