Mommy diaries: Kyla

Meet Kyla:  I've known her as my darling sister all our life, and only recently has she transformed into a momfriend, giving me a beautiful niece to love!  I guess I've known ever since Willis was born that she was a natural at this job so it doesn't really surprise me to see her excel at motherhood.    She loves my children as much as she loves her own.
I admire her devotion to modeling good behaviour for Kinsey.  She is mindful of the earth and pushes healthy eating.  Of course, she is a nutritionist after all.
I enjoy our daily playdates and living a block away from her.
I am thankful that she also shares my love of solitude and can share a quiet space with me, even while minding the kids together.
I think other moms would appreciate her knowledge in her field of nutrition and her ability to motivate others (me) to be healthier.


  1. I agree with Christy, this is a fabulous idea! I love how you have formated the responses.


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