Mommy diaries: Heidi and Kerri, Ganza edition continued.


Meet Heidi:  Hairstylist extraordinaire, fun-loving teammate and a beautiful friend.  Heidi is one of the most thoughtful and considerate people I know.  I value her friendship more than I think she realizes and am grateful for all the time we get to spend together whether it's dealing with colours or fly balls. 
Heidi and Landon had a fast-tracked start to parenthood when Fin was born at 30 weeks.  Small world, previous mom, Erin, and Heidi met up in the NICU at the same time.
I love Heidi's energy, she is always bursting at the seams with ideas and honestly, I don't know how she gets it all done, but she does.  Good thing she has a disciplined secretary.
I admire Heidi's ability to do 82 things at once and still genuinely ask you how your day was.
I enjoy our time spent as families over supper, especially now that there are kids in the mix and they can start to play reek havoc together.
I am thankful for her skills as a hairstylist.  Seriously love my hair every single time.
I think other moms would benefit from her widespread talents.  She sews, she makes wholesome homemade meals, she scrapbooks, she runs, she throws lavish parties.....I could go on forever, I love this gal.
This is Heidi:

Meet Kerri: we met while playing ball in Shellbrook almost 10 years ago and since then have seen our lives change from being footloose and fancy-free crazy girls to married mature moms with children.  
I love so many things about Kerri:  she is a leader, introducing 'supper club' to our group. She's someone who I can trust for honest advice.  She has a marriage that I admire.  She has solid values that are evident when you see how she raises her son, how she relates with her friends and how she loves her life.  I could go on forever.
I mostly admire her way with children.  Kerri is a very nuturing, mothering soul and makes everyone (including me) feel safe, loved and looked out for when around her.
I enjoy her playful attitude; there is always a smile on her face.
I am thankful for her friendshipShe is loyal, supportive and someone I can truly depend on when I need support.
I think other moms would benefit from the comfortable conversation that you ease into with Kerri. I always enjoy talking with her and getting her opinions/advice.
This is Kerri:

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  1. Two of my faves!

    What I wouldn't have given for Calder to sleep in my arms, Heidi. I am jealous!

    Kerri--I agree--caring, kind, and honest. Very well written!


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