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Meet Colleen:  a friend from high school, from a time when life was simple and all we worried about was what Russels we'd wear to school that day and how quickly we could get a slush in.  Colleen is also sister to my beautiful friend, Kelly, whom we lost 10 years ago.  A friend who is never forgotten and who's name I say daily when I call on my daughter, Lucia Kelly. Oh, how it thrills me to hear her name roll off my son's tongue.  Just looking at this picture of Colleen warms my heart as I see so much of Kelly in her, especially in her smile.  
But this post is not about Kelly, even though I find it necessary to say that I think of Kelly every time I think of Colleen, and it's impossible not to wonder what kind of mom Kelly would have been.  I would like to think she would be just like Colleen and this post is about the caring, beautiful mom that Colleen has become.  
I should say that Colleen has always been caring and beautiful, always with a smile on her face, and that motherhood has simply become an extension of that.  She's a natural.   Although I haven't spent much time with her as a mother, I do know,from my reliable Warman spies ;), that Colleen can be described as thoughtful, sweet, laid back and devoted.  I don't even question her abilities, she seems so at ease with her role in life.  Never complaining, always smiling.  
I admire her ability to have three kids and not even blink.  I think she was even thinking of 4 at one point. Hello, supermom?
I enjoy seeing her children grow.  It makes me feel like Kelly is still with us.
I am thankful for her smile which always makes me smile and as a result makes my world a happier place.
I think other moms would benefit from her love and concern for everyone.  She has the biggest heart.
This is Colleen:


  1. Aww, what an amazing mom! I have learned so much from Colleen and she is my mommy saver if I ever have any questions. Her smile is contagious and reminds me of her sister. These are great Deena, keep them coming!

  2. those are three beautiful beauties you've got there Colleen!!

  3. Thank you for the very kind words Deena, they brought tears to my eyes!!! I am very thankful that Kelly's friends have remained in our lives!!! I feel so lucky that Kaelyn, Marinn and Camryn each remind me so much of my sister. They all have big blue eyes and a smile that can light up a room!!! It is so neat to see my girls give a quick wave to heaven and when you ask them where auntie Kelly is, they point straight to their heart!!!

    We will forever miss her!!


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