A trip to Vancouver

Making of traditions.

The Annual Park Family Oiler Shopping Weekend in Edmonton comes again tomorrow as we pack our bags and head west.
I look forward to time spent with a wonderful family,  time spent strolling the mall, swimming at the waterpark, being a kid at galaxyland and time not spent going to the Oiler game on Friday.  Dan and I aren't the big hockey fans, so we stay home with the kids.  Willis will be staying home again this year, but I think next year will be the year we take him to his first NHL game.

Here are some pics of years past:

November 2008: The inaugural year.  The trip Willis woke up ridiculously early at and had us strolling the mall at ungodly hours in the morning.  Good thing we stayed at the Fantasyland that year.

November 2009: Year 2.  The year we watched a bunny sit in the parking lot for hours during a snow storm.
This was also the year Dan grew a mustache. Yikes.

2010:  We decided not to go in November like we had previously, due to the uncertainties of Dad's cancer treatments.  We therefore chose an April trip, hoping that he'd be well in his treatments and able to travel.  Dad has been tired for the most part of the year, but I'm pretty sure a weekend away with his lovely family and super duper first born will do wonders for his spirit.
Go, Parks go!


  1. you just might be going to that oiler game silly!!

  2. I think you mean his super duper second born.

    Just thought I would clarify that.

    K to the dot.


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