Lucia: independance.

I'm a lean mean weaning machine.

Because of the Scotland trip coming up in a month, I'm being gradually transitioned into weaning my baby.  But the problem is that I'm not ready to.  Lucia, unlike Willis, is still totally attached to me.   Willis weaned himself off of breastmilk at 8.5 months:  he was more interested in playing.  But Lucia, au contraire, is all about the momma.  She's a great eater and I've honestly, truthfully, wholeheartedly enjoy my time bfeeding her.   In fact her 6:00 bedtime feed is my favourite time of the day when I can finally put my feet up and relax, knowing that I'm the only one in the world who can share that closeness and bond with her.
I know that it's the only thing I can do that no one else can.  It is guaranteed quiet time with cuddles (unless in an airport, themepark or airplane) and really, I feel grateful that bfeeding for both kids has come naturally as I have seen many friends struggle with it.
  There is so much more that comes with weaning Lucia, it also means getting rid of the last wake up from her night time which usually falls around 2 am.  She hasn't been eating much during this feed and while I have been reluctant to remove it because of her size, I now am certain she's just using me for comfort instead of nourishment.  Brat.
We've used the cry out method with both kids and have had success, granted it wasn't easy success and it made me sad every minute I had to listen to them cry, but it works.  Luckily the longest Willis or Lucia only cried was 45 minutes and it was more of a "I'm mad at you, mom" type of cry.  I can handle being yelled at.  It's the violent sobs that get me and usually make me change my mind and go in for a hug. I know that it needs to be done, but that never makes it any easier.  It does make it worth it when she can finally soothe herself to sleep and I can rest, for more than 3 hours straight.

There are so many changes coming our way:  No naps, new discipline plans, no more bfeeding and a baby who will sleep through the night. It kinda makes me sad to know that my babies are growing up and will be relying on me less and less.


  1. Great post... you have motivated me to write mine... maybe I'll get on that tonight while the husband is playing poker tonight. That and the biggest loser!


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