In a month from now, after a looong flight from Calgary to Glasgow, I will be waking up in Scotland.
I feel I have a lot left to accomplish before I go (weaning la Lucia), and I think that is kinda keeping me from getting into my normal state of excited zeal. But then when trying to go to bed early last night I started thinking about the trip and really got excited about what this journey means for me.

One week with my siblings. I'm not concerned about how we'll travel together, we get along just fine and if they start to annoy me I'll likely just push them into a moat or a babbling brook of some sort.

One week of me time. After 10 months of interrupted sleep, I am guaranteed to have at least 7 blissful nights of sleep. I'm a sleeper and I normally need to clock 8-10 hours to function. I'll be glad to be able to give my body that standard again.

This trip will also be the longest I've been away from Lucia. The most I've been away from her is maybe 3 hours, so it'll definitely be a shock, hopefully more so for me than her. Ideally she won't even notice I'm gone and love all the daddy time she will be getting.

Our agenda is almost worked out and I think it's going to be great.  We have a couple days in Edinburgh to explore, a 3 day trip to Isle of Skye and a trek along Hadrian's Wall.  I also can't wait to put my camera to work and capture some of the beauty of this country.