A trip to Vancouver

San Diego 5: Talking with animals.

The zoo today was a blast.  Highly recommended for many reasons:  The layout is easy to navigate, it's very beautifully landscaped to make you feel like you're walking through a rainforest or a jungle or a tundra at all times.  We lucked out today with the weather.  The first 10 mins it poured, which I think scared some people away because it felt like we had the place to ourselves.  In fact, apparently it's normally an hour wait to see the pandas, but we just strolled right in. After the rain it was a beautiful, sunshiny day.
Lucia loved the animals.  She just laughed and laughed.  Apparently they are funny.   Willis on the other hand, reminded me very much of the SNL skit, Talking to Animals, because every time we got up to a different exhibit, he'd strike up a conversation with the animal.  Hi bear, how you doing?  How's your day?
I can just see him adding in the say hello to your mother for me.  I added the video for the skit, but if it doesn't work, just google Andy Samberg Talking to Animals.  It's exactly Willis today.

I did find Willis to be a little more difficult today.  All this activity and no rest must be getting to my normally sweet little boy.  Today he was half sweet, half bossy 3.5 year old.  It was interesting.  He also eliminated his nap a week ago so this is really our first week going sans nap and then not even any quiet time.  I guess we'll see how this works out when we get home.  Please no more bossy willis, please.....

After the zoo we headed home to the pool (but of course we stopped at my favourite store, DSW shoes on the way back.)  (Yes, I'm coming home with 6 new pairs of shoes.  I love life.) (Dan scored 2 new pairs) (Did I mention I love me some shoes).

It is more clear to me now than ever that Willis is a fish.  In fact, when we were at the zoo he'd comment on the water displays.  That's nice water.  That cat swims.
OH, something cool I saw at the zoo: they pair cheetahs with dogs.  Yup, golder retriever roaming around with a hungry, fast, strong cheetah.  Dan totally thought the dog was the cheetah's dinner. But no, they're BFFs.  For real.  It was cool.

Tomorrow we have the morning here and then head back for an afternoon flight.  I'm not really ready to go home. I think this may be the first vacation that I've actually not missed home.  Maybe it's the news that it's snowing there?  Surprised I'm not.  Maybe it'll miraculously melt before Tuesday night?  Or not.   It's been a great trip and I have tons of good things to say about this place and some tips for travellers with kids.   But that's another post.  For now I'm off to bed.  Man, fresh air can really do you in.