San Diego 4: Keeping up with the kids.

6:30 am: awake with kids, eager to get going.  We deter them (Willis) to cuddle in bed instead and watch SpongeBob CircleSkirt.
7:30 am: Breakfast around the round table.  Fruit, muffins, choc choc and coffee. Lots of coffee.
8:30 am: Lucia naps, Willis and Dan go swimming.
9:00 am: Lucia is up.  Deena and Lucia play games.   All sorts.
9:45 am: Walk down to Legoland.  Legoland day 3 proceeds such as this:
Dinocoaster with Willis x2
Bathroom break
Safari Trek for Willis and Daniel, Lucia and Mom have snack while watching.
Bathroom break
Duplo play village.  Coffee for Dan and Deena, Willis plays in the water.  Yup, more water.  It's 'cold' here, a 'cold' +15.  Wimps.
Walk through MiniLand.
Bathroom break.
Decide to call it a day and head back to room to get to Costco for pizza instead of paying 40$+ for lunch here.
12:00: Back to room.  Willis and Dan go to Costco for pizza and ice cream, Lucia naps.
12:30: Lucia is up, we play games again.   You guessed it, all sorts.
Pizza lunch followed by a wrestling match.
1:30:  Hit Outlets.  Again.  This time for Willis and Lucia who score some stuff.  Lucia got a spring jacket and Willis got a pair of sun glasses and running shoes that hopefully help him from wiping out so much. (6 times today) 
2:30: decide to go to ocean.  Explore a beach. Throw rocks.  Almost get pooped on by scary birds.
3:30: Back to room.  Wrestling match ensues again.
4:00: Swim.  Meet locals who think it's freeeeezing out.  We laugh.
5:00:  Back to room.  Wrestle.  Eat more pizza.  Skype Rob.  Convince Willis that showering is a good thing.
5:45:  Willis is now snuggled up watching 'Tangled'.  I'm LOVING it.  Lucia will be going to bed right away and I think as soon as Will is down, Dan and I will follow.
We were wiped today.  Fresh air, busy kids and never enough coffee makes for one long day.
Tomorrow is our last full day and we'll be changing it up a bit at the San Diego Zoo and maybe some more shopping. bahahahahahhahahahahahah.  (cue sinister music).
The end.


  1. That stone I threw in the picture above killed one of the birds in the picture. 2nd in the string. not a true story.


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