San Diego 3: 4 million pieces of lego or something like that.

Willis, to our surprise, LOVES rollercoasters.  We had to go on this one twice.  Luckily it was the first one we hit right when the park opened, otherwise it was up to a 90 minute wait.  I'm sure we'll be doing it again tomorrow.

From Dan: So there's this real cool ride with little horses that gallop around a track.  All knights and castles Lego themed.  But kids have to be a certain height and it says at least 4 years old to ride.  Willis is tall enough, but the operators ask each kid directly how old they are before they get on.  Willis really wants to ride, so I crouch down beside him and whisper "How old are you Willis?" and he holds up three fingers and proudly says "Three!".  I wince.  So I tell him "that nice person is going to ask you how old you are, and if you don't say four she won't let you on the ride."  When we get to the front of the lineup, the operator asks Willis how old he is.  Willis throws up 4 fingers and says "Four!", then lights up with a HUGE grin while looking up at me.  Was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud.  So I'm doubly horrible a parent because I didn't just tell him to lie, but taught him to lie on his own.  He loved the ride.
Miniland was insane!  We took the 'Coastline Cruise" around their harbour where they have reconstructed some of the world's top sites: Sydney Opera house, Taj Mahal, NY Skyline and the two pics I have here. All made from Lego. Insane.

We took a tour of SeaLife also, which is attached to Legoland.  Although it was cool to see, I wouldn't have paid extra for it.  They had sharks and lots of interactive displays for kids.  Lucia LOVED the fish.     

This was Willis' favourite part of the day: shooting crocodiles with a water gun.  Such a boy.

This was my favourite ride of the day: FairyBrook something or other.   Basically it was a little cruise through a brook that had moving displays of various fairytales made of lego.  Kinda like Enchanted Forest in BC.  I think I mostly liked it because I got to rest my feet while nursing Lucia while floating in a boat in a brook with enchanting music playing and birds chirping.

We ended our day with a show about the FunTown Fire department.  I stayed up high with napping Lucia while Willis dragged Dan to the wet zone. ( Can you spot them?) He apparently giggled tons and loved getting splashed.  The show was actually quite entertaining, I was impressed!

We ended up spending another 5 hours at Legoland today and were wiped when we got home for a break this afternoon.  But apparently not wiped enough for Willis because he wanted to go swimming.  After that we went back to my favourite place: the Outlets.  The kids had supper with Daddy while I did some power shopping.  I must say, I was proud of myself and showed some restraint.  I only bought a pair of Joe Jean's and a top from there (111.11$) WHAT A DEAL, and a couple pairs of shoes from Nine West.  I'm very pleased with my purchases.  Fellow Joe Jean wearer, Sara will be proud.

And to end off our night, here's a final anecdote from Dan.  I'm off to try to spot the SuperMoon through the overcast skies

We're sitting at the fancy mall waiting for Mom to finish shopping.  Lucia is being a perfect doll sitting on my lap watching a water fountain.  Willis sees the coins in the fountain and asks if we can make a wish.  I've no clue what he wants to wish for but as I'm curious and since I don't have any change, it's off to a chocolate store to buy a little chocolate car for Willis, then he gets a nickel to make a wish.  Willis walks up to the fountain, says "I wish for Uncle Josh" and chucks in the nickel and smiles.  Then he proceeds to devour his chocolate car.


  1. love it!!! willis is such a sweet guy. way to go dan... you're turning into dad. lying to get on rides, and chocolate for supper... :)


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