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San Diego 2: Adventures in Legoland

It feels like I've been up for 20 hours straight. Maybe it's because our day started bright and early at 6 am and we haven't stopped since. In fact, it's almost 7 and I could easily to go bed, but as I type Willis is putting his bathing suit back on to go for ANOTHER swim. Man.

Back.  Luckily he only wanted to stay in the hot tub.   Now that's the way to end the night.

I'm not sure if mornings or night time are going to be my favourite here.  The am is beautiful:  fresh early air, birds singing morning songs, in room Starbucks and plenty of time to get ready for our day as nothing opens until 10.  Nights have been nice too.  We're forced to lay low as Lucia is maintaining her 7pm bedtime, and without any house work calling my name I can read, play Scrabble with Dan and enjoy a beer (or two).

Today was a fantastic day.  One of the draws of this hotel, aside from the proximity to the Premium Outlets, the beautiful rooms and such, is that it has it's own private entrance to Legoland, just a 5 minute walk from our room.  Which is directly where we headed at 10 this morning and stayed until around 3.  And really, the only reason we left was because Willis pee'd his pants in line for a ride. Yup, it's that great there.
He's definitely my child: hates to miss out on things, even if it's just for a quick potty break.  I am the girl who p'd her pants the first day of kindergarten. While sitting under the rug.  Or was that Christy?
Anyway, it was a good time to take a break as we were getting kinda pooped from all the rides and the waterpark.    Willis LOVED the rides.  It did get busy around noon and we weren't into the 60+ minute lineups, so we'll tackle some more of the rides again bright and early tomorrow.  After lunch we hit up the amazing waterpark.  Dan got to play in the water with Will while I minded the napping Lucia.  It was a good boy bonding experience and Lucia and I also had some quality cuddles together.
After our little rest, we headed over to the Premium Outlets for a little of what Dan called "Mom's rides".  I would totally agree, except tonight it was he who had the fun!  He came out of it with a huge bag from Kenneth Cole and a great pair of shoes.  I, on the other hand can't complain, but I've merely scratched the surface of my evil plans with a couple pairs of flats and a Coach bag.    They had some seriously beautiful clothes at BCBG, Banana Republic and Joe Jeans that I need some 'just me' time to tackle.

We had supper at Ruby's 40s Diner where Willis enjoyed building a classic cruiser while watching a train make it's rounds on the roof.  Neat place!

I think everyone was quite pleased with today.  Willis came out of it with two scuffed up knees and definitely had the humour award on my highlight reel for the night.  It happened when he took his second dive and as Dan was going to launch into a "Well Willis, I remember when I was a kid..."story, only to have Willis interrupt him by saying "Well Dad, when I was a Dad, I held your hand to protect your knees when you fell."  What a kid.
Lucia on the other hand gets the super cute award for the evening.  She was a doll in the stroller, talking away.  She loves being outside, barefoot and all.  It's going to be a great summer with her-although her favourite part of the day is walking in the hallways.  You should hear her scream with delight!
What's up with that?

Well, off to my cerveza and book for the evening.  Tomorrow we're back to Legoland and then maybe an ocean beach.
Bonne nuit. 


  1. ummm it must have been you that peed on the floor in kindergarden. I certainly wouldn't have done something like that :)

  2. HaHa Will... Love the sense of humour!

  3. Oh Willis! Hugh and I both laughed out loud. In fact, Will's comment was so funny that Hugh thought that you might have made it up for your blog! LOL

  4. Great to see you on here,Laura!
    Funny comment Jordan. I'm glad I could get a chuckle out of you this morning on Willis' account. Tell you it's 100% him, in fact I've even commented to Dan that I should start recording these gems during the day so I don't forget them for blogging later. Hopefully he'll keep them coming to keep putting smiles on your face! love you!
    Ps- Christy, totally you who peed.


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