San Diego 1

Up at 4:15 am, Willis dreamily sleep walks back to bed but when Dan tells him it's time to go to San Diego he makes a beeline for the bathroom. The kid's got his priorities.
4:30 am was sadly just like any other morning for me, so I was feeling chipper and ready to go. Willis was also in the same spirits. I found him sitting downstairs waiting patiently with a big grin "Mom I'm so excited. This is awesome"
It kinda concerns me that both of my kids were dolls from 4:30-6am . I will likely have work to do when I get home in the sleeping department but for right now I'm just rolling with it and living in the moment.
Moments kinda felt long and cold this morning, waiting for the plane. It took awhile to de-ice the thanks to another snowstorm last night.
Lucia slept for the first hour she then played and made googly eyes for the middle part and then was out for landing.
Willis entertained himself by singing song while wearing a cup on his head and playing rock paper scissors.
The Denver airport was fun to navigate during our layover. We had a delightful lunch of paninis and salad and then boarded the plane. Lucia slept for 30 mins during takeoff and Willis is still sleeping between us.
So far so good, until Dan dropped a toy on Willis head and now he's up.
When we finally got to San Diego, we still had to shuttle to the budget car place and then drive to Carlsbad where we're staying. I got to drive, naturally. Deena does big cities, Dan does highways. We work well that way. Sadly we couldn't get far from our Kia from Korea and are stuck driving a Kia Sedona. I have never unwanted a minivan more in my life. Ugh. Anyway, the drive was nice, only took about 35mins and it was navigatable with straight forward directions. Tough to get lost- unless Dan is in charge of directions, that is.
When we pulled up to our hotel I must say that I was in awe. It seriously feels like a resort in Mexico: remote, beautiful lush landscaping (birds of paradise and daylillies everywhere) and a villa like atmosphere. The 'resort' is only 3 years old so that definitely adds to the appeal.
Anyway, -2 mins after checking into our massive room, (seriously impressed, FYI) Willis wanted to hit the pool. That is so very Will. It was maybe +17 at 4ish today which felt perfect for us, maybe not for the regular folk whose skin hasn't been toughened after months of snowstorms, so we practically had the pool and hot tub to ourselves. The kids frolicked for a good hour and then we decided we had to eat. Wanting to pick up some stuff for our room as well, we decided to head to Costco which is 4mins away.
Seriously, I would move here just for the Costco, why are Costcos sooooo much better in the States???? Needless to say we bought to much and now are plotting ways to bring home some excessive beer or wine or something. We also enjoyed our Costco pizza and hotdogs outside on the patio. Doesn't get much better.
Highlights of my day could easily be the set up we have going on here, overlooking the ocean and Legoland, but rather I would say are my kids. They made me so proud today and were fabulous travellers. I hope I never forget Willis so proudly totting his suitcase along, keeping up with his daddy, arm pump a la Willis and all and Lucia who usually shies away from strangers who was little ms. Flirt. She made more friends today then I have in my life.
Embarrassing moment//also kinda cute moments: Willis' loud airplane songs to entertain his sister, which boasts titles such as : I have a cup on my head, we have boobies and I shake my booty in your face.
Wow. What day.
We're obviously getting to bed early tonight so we can take advantage of Legoland tomorrow.
Sweet dreams.


  1. sounds awesome!! have fun and stay safe!!! love your mother.

  2. I love your day 1 recap... it makes me jealous that you were in an outdoor pool today. Can't wait for tomorrow's update!

  3. Tell Willis I can't wait to hear him sing "We have boobies" Sounds like a potential top 40 hit!


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