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Just a couple thoughts I can't tie together into a single blog, so I'll just spew it out together.

Lucia- regardless where we went on our trip, she was showered with ooohs and aaahs, people commenting on her big, beautiful eyes and how precious she is.  It was a nice change from the weekly "She's so small, you should feed her mores" that we get here.

Frazzled. That's how I'm left feeling.  I can't think of another word to describe it.  I think I handled myself well on the trip (for someone who is easily frustrated).  But the last day was tough.  The stress of flying with kids got to me?  The stress of a 3.5 year old who was choosing that time to press all the wrong buttons?  The stress of having to whip out your boob in airports/themeparks/airplanes to calm a baby?  I think all that got to me on the last day and had me at that "don't even you dare look at me" mode.  The one where I can snap very easily.  I wasn't a monster or anything, but I think you could definitely say I wasn't pleasant company for my lovely husband.  Poor dude.  I spent all day yesterday tending to these needy children (who normally aren't so) and it just pushed me close enough to the edge that I had to shut myself off from the world for the night.  I just wanted to have 3 hours of not being called upon/peed on/used for food/used for solace/talked to/screamed at:  I needed to find me again so I could go back to appreciating how great life is.
3 hours is all it took, along with a hot bath, good book and some silence.  Precious silence.
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

I can't relax until laundry is done and everything is put away and cleaned up in this house.  I'm an odd duck.

Recommendations. I was trying to come up with some negatives of this trip and it was hard, that's probably a good sign. The only thing was the unseasonably cooler temperatures which to me were just lovely. The hotel was awesome, maybe the bathroom could use more natural light for makeup? I think our 5 day pass at Legoland was needed or I would have paid the extra 200$ or whatever it is to not have to wait in lines. With the fastpast you just go up to the exit and voila you're on.
I also wish we would've done SeaWorld now, given that Willis is H2O obsessed and we saw a really cool beach on our way to the airport that would have been neat to see. That's all I could come up with for regrets.

So I'm done.  My brain is rid of all these randoms.  It's a new day, my hair/makeup is done and I'm dressed (which makes a huge difference in my mood for the day vs. my "just got out of bed and stayed that way" look)  and I'm ready to get back to my life and enjoy the beautiful sunshiny day.
Sunshine sure makes a world of difference, doesn't it?


  1. springtime oozes from your blog! joy joy joy


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