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I'm not a runner and I don't pretend to be, in fact every single second that I'm on the treadmill is a challenge and I doubt that will ever really change.  But I still do it once or twice a week when I need a break from Zumba or can't make it to a class.  I've tried everything to make it more enjoyable from watching movies, to going outside, to making my husband be in the room.  Anything to make it feel less like torture.
This recent experiment has been très successful and it's funny because it revolves around Zumba, which if I haven't made it clear enough is the best thing to happen to my workouts in ages.
I try to put in 30 minutes on the torturemill.  Thererfore, I put together a fantastic playlist that equals around that length and I treat each song as a 'routine' like we'd do at Zumba.  I also gradually increase the speed for each song so that when I'm at the apex of my workout, I have the best, most motivational song pounding in my ears. Likely deafening me.
This is my list and the increments of speed:

3.5: Your Love by Nicki Minaj
4.0: We No Speak Americano by DJ Americano & Melinda Kool
4.5:  Get Naked (I Got a Plan) by Britney Spears
5.0: Big Fat Bass by Britney
5.5: Que Buena Tu Ta (feat. Deevani) by Fuego......this is a Zumba song that I love dancing to.
6.0: Till the World Ends by Britney.  *This is where I start swearing and consider other options, but Britney always brings me back and makes me focus.
6.0: Any Way You Want it/ Lovin ' Touchin' Squeezin' by the Glee cast
6.5: Swing by Savage & Soulja Boy
3:0: Alors on danse by Stromae

I'm not saying you should go download all these songs and adopt them as your own, but what I do suggest is finding music that moves you.  It's got this running hater running and whatever works, works. Right?


  1. Yay! Great post! Can't wait to hear these songs, I'm always looking for good ones!

  2. Good for you for running! I don't particularly like it either. It only works for me if I do intervals. I can run 5 minutes 6 times, but not a 1/2 hour straight! When I get back at it, I will be checking out some of your tunes!

  3. awesome!!!! 2 other good songs to check out... everyday i'm shuffling (LMFAO) and "barbara streisand" :)



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