A trip to Vancouver

Living with a 3.5 year old.

Willis is no longer a baby. Or a toddler. Even a preschooler.  This kid has morphed right before my eyes into a full grown little mancub who loves life and cuddling.
He's a fantastic big brother to Lucia, often entertaining her with song and dance, or bringing her toys and keeping her generally happy when I can't.
Willis has style, that is when I force it on him.  This kid would be happy to stay in his underwear all day.  A true Simair, he is.
He hates to get his hair cut and can sometimes be talked into going to Beaners where they have cool chairs and a ball pit, but mostly he hates it.
Also, he loves to dress himself when he does get into a clothes mood. His socks never match and garaunteed that he's wearing his Cookie Monster top.

Willis loves his fort, he loves snow.  He loves the seasons but still gets upset when we try to explain to him that his fort and snowman will melt again this winter.  
 I love that he can play independently in the back yard and I can watch from inside.  It's going to be a great summer full of activities and this little boy is just going to get bigger and more grown up every minute.  It kinda makes me sad.
Did I tell you he has even read a couple words??? More about that tomorrow from the Daddy.