A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Our 30 day challenge, like Ky and Rob said was a great way to bond even more with two of the most important people in my life.  Probably, in fact the two people  who know me the best.  If I were to write a summary like they did, I would likely say the exact same things.  It was a great experience.  I learned a lot about them but also about myself.  For instance, when I am in a bla mood and had serious questions to answer, then usually I resorted to hunour.  So when Ky and Rob were writing thoughtful letters to my parents, thanking them for changing their lives.....I wrote a letter to Colonel Sanders, thanking him for making chicken that gives me the ability to lure my husband into anything I want him to do.  
Still. Great experience.  Here is a little recap, minus the author. That's for you to figure out. 
Who would have come up with these answers......

1.  5 things I couldn't live without:
1. Family and friends
2. A warm bath with a lush bath bomb and great book
3. Fruit
4. My body - to be able to move, hear, see, smell, feel, etc. 
5. Imagination
2. A song to be played at my wedding.
Dirty Dancing, by NKOTB
3.  5 strange facts about me.
1. Pepperoni from delissio is made from natural ingredients.
2. I sometimes pretend I'm talking on the phone in public to gauge peoples reactions to my made up convo.
3. I have no desire to meet a celebrity 
4. I have an ultimate desire to see the world.
5. I am job. 

4.  A song that makes me cry -
Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood
Leaving hope - nine inch nails
Lullaby - Dixie Chicks
5.  Food I love, Food I hate:
 I love smokies....I do not like sushi
 I love cheeseburgers, I don't care for raspberries

6. Thing I do differently than others:
I recon everything before I venture in. Then show up 45 mins early. I need to be early to being early.
7.  Movie people would be surprised to know I liked:
Troy. Mostly because of Brad Pitt's left cheek.

8.  Favourite Childhood memories:
Hands down road trips to B.C...mostly the shenangans we pulled in the car. Like convincing you I could sleep with my eyes open. which lucia can now actually do.

So many good ones to choose from..Grandpa Park lifting me upside down and letting me walk on the roof...or him burning my socks...or giving me my first whiskey coke.
9.  A scar:
That's easy. I have many but the best one is the fish hook scar on the back of my head from my lovely sister deena who decided to use me as bait. I have no recollection.
On my chin, got some stitches, hurt myself in church playing on the pews. i don't remember that happening but I remember dad taking me to the hospital, having a heavy apron put on my while they stitched me up and then dad buying me like the hugest sucker that I couldn't even have because i couldn't open my mouth that wide since I just got stitches.

Childbirth.  No detail needed.

Now don't you feel like you know us so much more now?


  1. you guys are cool - hey any of you ever listed to a singer called adele and her song rolling in the deep?

  2. Easy.

    "A warm bath with a lush bath bomb and great book" - Rob P

    "Troy. Mostly because of Brad Pitt's left cheek." - Kyla G

    "If only I could be as strong as my husband" - Deena S


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