Engagement in the snow

My sister and I had the chance a couple weekends ago to collaborate and combine our creative energies for a photoshoot with our cousin, Lea and her fiancĂ©. Brenen.  It was a blast working with my sister (I think it's going to have to happen more often) and also a blast sharing this event with la cousine.

Meet Brenen and Lea.  
He was her boyfriend for one week in Grade 8, which was a long relationship back then.
But naturally, they had some growing up to do.
Years later their sisters (also friends growing up- come on, this is small town Saskatchewan) well they did some magical sister convincing and conniving and had them exchange cel numbers.
Time was not wasted, Brenen immediately asked her for supper and they lived happily ever after or something like that.

Here are some of my favourites from their photo shoot.  We're very much looking forward to sharing their wedding day with them in September.


  1. Love love love it!
    You guys are the best :)

  2. Great pictures Deena and Kyla a new duo career is unfolding in front of our eyes.

  3. Gorgeous photos Deena! You have a definite talent!


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