A trip to Vancouver

The countdown is on.

Willis has practically packed his bags and gets mad everytime I move his pile of swim trunks.
"But Mom, I don't want you to forget me when we go to San Diego"
You'd think with his excitement level that we're leaving tomorrow. Oh no, I sure wish we were with these frigid temperatures, but we still have a couple weeks to wait.

Our first family vacation.  Just us.  No aunts or uncles or grandparents involved.  Our own little family adventure.
I gotta say, I don't think I've been this excited to go on a trip in a very long time.  Maybe it's Willis and Dan's giddy anticipation, or perhaps it's the temperature difference and the allure of fresh green grass between my toes, or it could be because I've never been to California before. Regardless the reason, I'm definitely looking forward to a get away, to turn off my cell and disconnect myself from my daily world.  Except for blogging. And emailing. Okay, I likely won't disconnect myself completely, but it'll still be fun and restful and a little bit crazy.

What to do in San Diego? We're still on the hunt.  So far we have a 5 day pass for Legoland which has currently got me the most excited.  Have you SEEN this place?  It's ALL fun if you ask me. Rides? Waterslides? I may actually have more fun than Will.

We decided to stay at the Carlsbad Sheraton resort which is just outside of Legoland as we figured most of our time will be spent there.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll be able to lounge a bit outside by the pool and enjoy some HEAT, sunblock included.
We only have a king bed in our room, so we're going to have to get creative with the sleeping arrangements. Why is it that 3 year olds have to sleep horizontal in the bed.  Head on Mom's shoulder, feet on Dad's face.   It could get interesting.

Of course we'll also hit the famed San Diego zoo.  We have a car rented for our out of Carlsbad adventures.  SeaWorld may happen as well, depending on how much we're loving Legoland.
Sadly, there is a Premium Outlet Centre in the hotel's area.  Coach?  BCBG? I may have to take a visit.
San Diego also has my favourite shoe store, DSW, where I always end up with 5 pairs to bring home.  Hmm...I may have to pack an extra bag for shoes.

Anyway, I'm starting to get very excited and it's not hard to do when Mother Nature isn't being too nice.  If you've been to San Diego and have any suggestions, please let me know!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So San Francisco is a city in Utah???

  2. No ... Oklahoma!!



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